About Us

Insum’s Story

We are an application development and consulting service provider. We specialize in Oracle-based solutions.

Insum was founded in 2002 by Michel St-Amour (CEO, retired), Francis Mignault (CEO), and Patrick Bonneville (VP of Client Services). Its purpose has always been to help organizations leverage the power of Oracle to boost productivity, expand capabilities, and enhance their ability to execute on new initiatives.

Collaborative, client-focused people.

Steeped in community culture from the beginning, we’ve developed a highly collaborative methodology both internally and with our clients. To better serve you, we continually seek out and hire highly skilled people who are as team-oriented as they are client-focused.

Together we grow our collective pool of knowledge and deepen our experience while solving bigger and bigger client challenges.

A highly effective technology stack.

Developing and deploying enterprise-grade solutions quickly and economically requires both an integrated technology stack and a software development toolset that supports rapid, iterative development. APEX, Oracle’s native Rapid Application Development platform, enables us to help transform how your organization builds and deploys business applications.


Our mission is to help clients develop quality solutions built to handle ever-changing needs, on time and on budget.

Our vision is to remain the world’s Center of Excellence for Oracle APEX.


As a company built around collaboration and community, Insum has the unique capability of building deep, productive relationships with clients. We truly partner with you to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Our dedication to rigorous project management principles significantly de-risks the delivery process and ensures stakeholders are not only well-informed of progress but are informed in a timely manner to head off any issues before they become major problems.



We act in a spirit of mutual respect with colleagues, clients, and partners to build lasting trust. We believe in good governance and honor our commitments.


Integrity is a core value of our work and fosters success. Honesty, transparency, and consistency are essential to achieving our goals.



Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we provide quality service. The skills and experience of our professionals are key in this regard.


What keeps us ahead of the pack is our drive to face new challenges and expand our technological expertise. Innovation is central to our work.



Or team spirit and synergy derive from our culture of cooperation. We promote diversity and knowledge sharing to the benefit of everyone’s talent and perspective.


We seek to create an inspiring, enjoyable, human work environment because we believe that the well-being of our employees is fundamental.


Being part of a highly collaborative team can grow your skills and set your creativity on fire, and that’s exactly what we need.

Discover how we’ll work together to help an incredible variety of clients in a host of industries by quickly developing responsive and scalable web applications using powerful Oracle technologies including Oracle APEX.

Learn from among the worlds best. Join one of the most co-operative teams you’ll ever experience.