Case Study

Streamlining Product Information Submission Process with Oracle APEX

Excel and Oracle APEX

The Overview

Services: Oracle APEX Development

Solutions: Spreadsheet Replacement, Portal

Industry: Manufacturing

A global electronic components manufacturer faced a daunting challenge: an inefficient and error-prone process for managing product information from over 150 suppliers. The existing system, reliant on email exchanges and Excel spreadsheets, lacked efficiency and accuracy, leading to prolonged validation periods that could stretch between 2 weeks and 6 months.

We stepped in to overhaul the system, implementing an Oracle APEX-based solution. The new Supplier Portal enabled suppliers to securely log in and maintain item information without using Excel spreadsheets. This streamlined communication and ensured changes were conveyed accurately and quickly.

The Challenge

The manufacturer was initially dependent on emails exchanged with suppliers, containing Excel spreadsheets of items, for item maintenance. While they had moved to a document portal solution similar to SharePoint or Dropbox, it still presented challenges. More than 150 suppliers were registered in this system, and the validation of item information was a slow, manual process. It could take anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months to validate, approve, and complete item master changes or updates based on this existing process.

  • No validations
  • Non-existant auditing
  • No workflows
  • Lack of Autonomy
  • Lengthy approval process

The Solution

Insum implemented an Oracle APEX-based solution that encompassed the following key functionalities:

  • Supplier Portal: The portal was developed to allow suppliers to securely log in and maintain item information without the need for Excel spreadsheets. It enabled them to communicate changes regarding items efficiently and accurately.
  • Improved Process Flow: The new system significantly enhanced the efficiency of the supplier proposal validation process, reducing the time required to implement item changes in the manufacturer’s ERP system, Oracle E Business Suite.
  • Track Changes: The portal was designed to provide a comprehensive list of changes performed by all suppliers. This functionality not only expedited the changes in the ERP system but also facilitated more formal auditing.
  • Reporting: The solution included a dashboard and reports to monitor changes made by suppliers, offering visibility and transparency in the process.

The Technology Used

This solution included Oracle’s fully managed Autonomous Database (Autonomous Transaction Processing) and Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle’s Rapid Application Development platform.

The Autonomous Database is an optimal solution, ensuring data security for the client’s sensitive information while minimizing maintenance efforts thanks to its self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities.

The Results

The introduction of the new system led to significant improvements in the product information submission process. Suppliers appreciated the user-friendly interface and the time saved due to the swift validation process. The capability to track changes and access comprehensive reports brought about transparency and control in the process.

The system overhaul resulted in:

  • Substantial time savings
  • A significant decrease in data entry errors
  • Improved supplier satisfaction
  • Better auditing capabilities

In addition, the approved data directly feeding into the ERP system amplified the overall operational efficiency and productivity of the global manufacturer.

Insum’s solution vastly improved the product information submission process. The successful collaboration led to a system that is efficient, secure, and highly user-friendly.

“Our distributors are so much happier with the new system. The Excel files were so tedious, and it took too long for new product and pricing information to be reflected in the ERP. This has transformed our efficiency and has fundamentally changed how we deliver value to our clients.”

– Product Catalog Manager


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