Up and Running with E-Business Suite and Oracle APEX Package

Our Up and Running with EBS and APEX package is specifically designed to jump start the development of EBS Extensions with Oracle APEX. Delivered onsite, the package contains everything an organization needs to get started with EBS-APEX development, including installation and setup guidance, preconfigured integration packages, starter application templates, and APEX development coaching.

Not convinced? Learn more about extending EBS with APEX with our Technical Brief.

EBS-APEX Installation and Setup

Option to install and configure APEX, ORDS, and the application server. If installed already, review the installation to ensure optimal configuration and adherence.

Allows EBS to launch APEX apps securely without users authenticating again. The EBS function calls the SSO API to execute a secure redirect towards the appropriate APEX application. In order for EBS to call the SSO APIs, a custom JSP is provided with this package.

An EBS extension created in APEX needs to recreate the EBS context to secure functions and data. Our integration package enables any APEX application to recognize the EBS context in terms of user security, operating units and MOAC, and profile options. After authentication, the integration package reads information from the user session and set the EBS context properly.

EBS-APEX Package Application

APEX Fast Track Training

Teaches how to build web-based applications related to managing structure data in EBS.

Participants will be presented with training material focused on their requirements. The trainer will complete the exercises and labs while participants watch it being done.

Development Coaching

  • One day of onsite coaching
  • Developers work on own APEX apps, under guidance
  • Full hands-on help and instruction
  • On-demand access to an EBS-APEX consultant for further support
  • Productivity enhanced: challenges resolved quickly as new developers have direct access to a development coach

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