Set yourself up for 2024 success

Are you approaching the end of the year and finding that your budget kitty isn’t as empty as you thought? Maybe you’ve uncovered a rainy day fund that you didn’t know you had.

There may be lingering items on your to-do list that you’re eager to accomplish before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Or you might be gearing up to kick off 2024 on a high note.

We’ve got some ideas for you and your team to help seize the moment and make significant strides before the year ends.

Check out our list of curated list of opportunities designed to help you check off those lingering boxes and set the stage for a successful start to the new year. Take a moment to review our handpicked selection of initiatives that can make a substantial impact on your goals before the ball drops.

Take Your Temperature: APEX Health Check

Get a headstart in 2024 with a year-end, comprehensive Oracle APEX Health Check—an audit to assess your current setup, identify optimization opportunities, and provide recommendations for improved performance, efficiency and best practices.

Check Your Tires and Your Wires: OCI Tune-Up

Give your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure a tune-up! Our experts will evaluate your existing OCI configurations, implement optimization strategies for cost savings and enhanced performance, and provide best practices for fortified security and scalability.

TransForm: Oracle Forms Modernization Assessment

It’s time to transform! Our TransForm service offers expert consultation on modernizing and migrating legacy Oracle Forms software. Get a rapid assessment of your Oracle Forms applications, actionable recommendations, and a roadmap for a seamless modernization or migration.

Supercharge Your Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS)

Elevate your Oracle E-Business Suite experience with Insum’s Handshake for EBS! Seamlessly integrate Oracle APEX, to extend and enhance your ERP without the complexity of coding or hefty software expenses. APEX simplifies application development, automates workflows, and optimizes operations, maximizing the value of your Oracle E-Business Suite investment. Supercharge your ERP effortlessly and embark on a new era of innovation and efficiency.

Lock in 2023 pricing before it goes up in 2024!

Need an App for That? Application Development

In a rush? Our short-term, high-impact application development sprint delivers rapid prototyping and collaboration with your team for knowledge transfer. Get that app you need in no time!

Cloud Cost Optimization Consulting

Optimize your cloud spending! Our Cloud Cost Optimization consultation includes an analysis of your current cloud expenditure, cost-saving strategies, resource optimization techniques, and recommendations to align your infrastructure with business needs.


Welcome our team of experts into you business for a tailored training on Oracle APEX. Engage in hands-on workshops for APEX, complete with Q&A sessions to address specific challenges or questions.

Kickstart your Digital Transformation Journey

Have that nagging feeling that you might be missing out? Afraid the world is passing you by? Our new Digital Innovation service – ‘Innovate’, is your secret to a simplified digital transformation journey. Our 3-step, design thinking approach helps address your pain points. Deliverables include an environment study, design thinking workshops, proof of concept application and executive summary, delivered within 3 weeks.

As the year draws to a close, remember that the opportunities we’ve outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more we can do together! Our team is brimming with ideas and solutions to not only help you cross the finish line of 2023 with strong momentum but also to ensure you kick off 2024 on the highest note possible.

Let’s collaborate to tailor a strategy that resonates with your unique goals and sets you up for an exhilarating start in the new year. Reach out to us, and let’s turn the page to 2024 with enthusiasm, innovation, and unparalleled success.