Is your PL/SQL code

Hard to maintain?

Hard to optimize?

Next Level PL/SQL with Steven Feuerstein could help!

Excellent APEX applications require excellent PL/SQL.

Steven Feuerstein is one of the world’s leading experts on Oracle PL/SQL.

So we invited him to join us and help us take our PL/SQL skills to next level, to make our clients even more successful.

Steven put together a program that incorporated code review and mentoring. Our developers raved about it, our code improved, and we decided Next Level PL/SQL was too good to keep to ourselves.

Introducing our new code review and mentoring program:

Next Level PL/SQL

How Next Level PL/SQL Works

You Provide Code

Pick out some packages that are the most critical parts of your application, or give you the most trouble. Send them to Insum.

Steven analyzes code

Steven spends up to two hours reading through that code, identifying patterns and anti-patterns, getting a feel for your team's coding practices.

Steven meets with team

Steven spends two hours with your team, either as a group or with individual developers, reviewing suggestions and discussing challenges.

Steven delivers report

After the analysis, review and coaching are completed, Steven prepares a final report with recommendations for further education, changes to coding standards, and changes to code.

What Next Level PL/SQL Can Do For You

  • Improved performance, and increased awareness of opportunities to improve performance in other program units
  • More consistent error handling and logging
  • Code that is easier to maintain and enhance
  • Deeper, broader understanding of PL/SQL
  • Increased ability to review and improve code going forward
  • Fuller leveraging of features of the PL/SQL language

Who Will Benefit From Next Level PL/SQL?

Any team, any developer, whose code base relies heavily on Oracle PL/SQL. 

Whether you are a consultant working for clients, a developer working on your own, or the leader of a dev team, Next Level PL/SQL can have a big impact on the quality and performance of one of the most important foundations of your applications.


The Next Level PL/SQL program with Steven Feuerstein costs $2,000 USD, and includes the following:

  • Two hour analysis of program units of your choice
  • Two hour coaching session with you and your team, where the results of the review and audit are discussed in more detail.
  • A report outlining the main findings of the audit, recommendations for improvements and further training or development opportunities

What developers say about the Next Level PL/SQL program

“Steven provided incisive, actionable feedback simply from reading our code and asking a few questions. Great use of our time!”

“We thought we knew PL/SQL pretty well. Steven opened our eyes in just a couple of hours to important features we’d neglected to use, and the best ways to use them.”

“One Next Level PL/SQL session, and we’ve identified a dozen ways to improve our guidelines and standards.”

Contact Us to Book your Next Level PL/SQL coaching!

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See Steven in action

Steven hosts the popular Feuertips show where he covers a new PL/SQL tip every week. Check them out to get a sense of what working with him would be like!


If you’d like to learn more about this or any other Insum service or package, don’t hesitate to reach out.