Oracle APEX – What Every DBA Needs to Know

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a no-cost, fully supported rapid application development framework that is included by default with the Oracle database. With it’s low code approach, even people with very little programming experience can quickly learn to develop highly functional and professional looking applications using APEX. This is especially true for those who already know SQL and PL/SQL.

If you are an Oracle DBA, chances are you’ve already heard about APEX. If not, chances are you will soon since APEX is becoming more and more popular, and the community is growing rapidly. As a DBA, how ready are you to accommodate requests to use APEX?

In this “from one DBA to another” type webinar, published author and Oracle ACE, Francis Mignault, will provide an overview of Oracle APEX, share some protips on APEX administration, and will highlight some use cases where APEX really shines. You’ll come away with a much better understanding of APEX, and might even be inspired to build some tools for yourself, just as many DBAs have already done!