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Oracle APEX: A Fast-Track to Productivity

Inside the Oracle Database is a low code, web-based application development framework called Oracle APEX. It comes complete with a large number of pre-built applications you can deploy and start using immediately. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also allows you to create unlimited custom applications of your own. Here’s a quick video overview.

Business Productivity Applications Out of the Box

Stuck without a CRM? No tool to manage your complex projects? Need better insights into your sales funnel? Oracle APEX Productivity Apps have you covered, included with your Oracle license, or free with your Always Free Tier account.

Explore These Pre-built Applications

Preview some actual APEX apps in the window below: Scroll sideways to select one,  then use “demo” for both user and password when prompted to sign in. Enjoy!

Get answers & actionable insights

Quick Poll

This application allows you to conduct a simple poll or quiz. Results of the poll or quiz can be displayed in real time. You can use Quick Poll during meetings or presentations to get instant feedback and to facilitate discussions.

Have your fingers on the pulse

Build and Deploy Surveys

Survey Builder manages the process of conducting survey research. It provides a simple user interface for creating great looking web based questionnaires, supporting both random sample and self selected survey types

Keep on top of your leads

Opportunity Tracker

Opportunity Tracker helps you to track your sales opportunities throughout their lifespan, while giving sales management a quick and easy tool to both see the current state of the sales pipeline and analyze past sales performance.

Where's your stuff?

Powerful Geolocation Features

Easily leverage the powerful geospatial features that already live inside your Oracle database. Nearest neighbour, heat maps, 'within distance' searches are out of the box features you can use today.

Let your data tell the story

Gorgeous JET Charts

Oracle APEX comes complete with beautiful JET charts with almost limitless, out of the box options. Build dashboards that show you what you need to know

Here’s One of Our Own Custom-Built Applications You Can Start Using Today

Document Management Solution

This application addresses the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. It can also be easily adapted to other industries with complex regulatory requirements.

View our demo video below.

Oracle APEX Has Endless Possibilities.

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