Oracle Infra and Cloud Services

Get the most out of the Oracle Cloud

You may be part of the increasing number of businesses considering the Cloud to host their systems. Cloud technology, and in particular the Oracle Cloud, represents an ideal opportunity to break away from expensive-to-maintain on-premise Infrastructure as it provides

  • Reduced Infrastructure responsibility
  • Scalability, agility, and flexibility
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure platform (OCI) delivers these advantages with superior performance for databases, applications, and core workloads. OCI also provides unparalleled price vs performance while eliminating unpredictable costs inherent in things like bandwidth, data output, and storage.

If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits of the Oracle cloud, our Oracle certified resources can help you leverage its capabilities to increase your productivity, acheive faster times to market, and take advantage the latest cloud innovations, such as with Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Database.

We provide four complementary services:

1. Cloud & Application Deployment

Have one or several applications and wish to move them to the cloud? We can

  • Create, manage or assist with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Move your applications to OCI
  • Deploy a backup environment and/or provide a high-availability solution

Furthermore, our “On-Demand Database, System Management, and Monitoring” service can be added to this offer.

2. APEX Application Security

If you require a secure environment for your single or multiple APEX applications, we can provide

  • Deployment of Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions
  • Deployment of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions

This service can be provided for applications running in on-premise or Cloud environments

3. Service Audit & Recommendations

 If you are operating Oracle systems on-premise or in the Cloud, we can provide an assessment of your environments including feedback on what you can improve. This includes but is not limited to:

  • A detailed inventory of your infrastructure, providing you with information on servers, application servers, databases, network environment, etc.
  • Security assessment on subjects such as Encryption, SSL, Single Sign-on (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • A backup assessment
  • An assessment of performance and monitoring

In all cases, we’ll provide a detailed report with a current status and recommended courses of action.

4. On-Demand Database, System Management, and Monitoring

If you are operating Oracle systems and don’t have an IT team or would like to provide your IT teams with assistance in monitoring and managing their infrastructure, we offer

  • Live and continuous monitoring of your systems
  • Rapid database & infrastructure administration team interventions when anomalies are detected
  • Worldwide time coverage

Among the elements we will monitor if you choose this service:

  • Database availability
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery validation
  • Performance reports

All the above monitoring & DBA-Infrastructure On-demand services include monthly calls, regular reporting as well as continuous improvement propositions.

Why Insum for your Cloud Needs?

We’ll provide you with the smoothest possible transition to the cloud as well as effective and reliable support years into the future.  thanks to

  • Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database certified resources
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Extensive Oracle expertise, including APEX, databases, Weblogic, EBS, as well as with Tomcat, NodeJS, and more
  • A highly experienced support team that can continually ensure your costs stay as low as possible while maintaining the highest possible system availability and performance

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