Replace Oracle Discoverer with Oracle APEX

No-cost option of the Oracle Database

Do away with licensing costs

Nothing more to pay

Go beyond your classic worksheets

Power Visualizations and Interactive Reports

In the hands of your business users

Leverage the security you've already set up in Discoverer

Safe & Secure

Responsibility security via Handshake for EBS or workbook user security assignments

Be up and running with your Oracle Discoverer Replacement in days

The fastest migration available

Our Oracle Discoverer Migration tool does all the heavy lifting, so you don't have!

It’s time to replace Oracle Discoverer

Discoverer’s extended support ended in June 2017. Without further upgrades or support, Discoverer can become prey to bugs, end up incompatible with web browsers, and even worse, represent an all-out security risk for your company. It’s time to find an Oracle Discoverer replacement.

3rd party solutions promise compatibility with your Oracle stack, but they also represent an additional application layer to deal with for your IT team. Oracle’s recommended Oracle Analytics does not fit into everybody’s budget and might be out of your reach. And while it has many advantages, it’s not built to be a transactional reporting tool for day-to-day ad hoc analysis or easy drilling into data details.

There is an alternative!

Robust, Stable Reporting with APEX

 APEX is Oracle’s native low-code-for-the-enterprise development platform. It enables fast migration of your Discoverer reports into a user-friendly, web-based environment. It is fully supported by Oracle and can quickly provide realtime interactive reporting while integrating perfectly with Oracle’s software suite.

Oracle APEX‘s database-driven processes ensure your migrated reports will be:

Cloud Ready

Mobile Ready

Stable, Robust and Secure

Able to integrate data from disparate sources

Do away with 3rd-party licensing costs

Most 3rd party software a significant monthly fee per report or per user. Not so with Oracle APEX. This no-cost option of the Oracle database is already covered under your database license and allows you to build an unlimited amount of reports for an unlimited amount of end-users, with zero licensing costs.

Oracle APEX integrates fully with EBS

Oracle APEX is the perfect Discoverer replacement for organizations using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). As it sits in the Oracle database, its data security and function security are handled using Insum’s embedded Handshake for EBS integration tool. All reports can be accessed through the standard EBS menus associated with EBS responsibilities, or legacy user security from your Discoverer configuration.

Ad-Hoc Reporting without the need for a Data Warehouse

While it has many advantages, Oracle Analytics is not built to be a transactional reporting tool for day-to-day ad hoc analysis or easy drilling into data details. If you have little need or budget for advanced Business Intelligence, OLAP and data-warehouse capabilities of Oracle Analytics, you might want to consider leveraging the much simpler but feature-rich interactive capabilities of Oracle APEX.

Insum’s Oracle Discoverer Migration service

We don’t just convert SQL Queries. Insum accelerates your Discoverer migration by converting Discoverer worksheets to APEX using our Discoverer Migrator automation tool. This can save your organization thousands of dollars and hours of development compared to manually converting each workbook.



The process begins with our Discoverer Migrator tool, which extracts the structure of your Discoverer reports (workbooks and worksheets).



Each individual Discoverer worksheet (report) is converted from the extracted Discoverer file into an APEX page containing an interactive report

Fine tuning


An operator reviews the conversions and validates the results and accuracy of the converted reports.



Responsibility security via Handshake for EBS or workbook user security assignments

Easy to access reports

With APEX, we create a new page for each Discoverer worksheet in your workbooks.

Reports can be easily accessed from the APEX-Discoverer Home Page, or directly from the EBS Navigator for Oracle E-Business Suite organizations.

Discoverer Migration - APEX Reports Home Page

Much more than Oracle Discoverer Workbooks

Reporting, data visualizations, and accurate business domain metrics are essential to quickly pinpointing the business issues you need to focus on. With APEX running your favorite reports, your organization will benefit from greater functionality:

  • Create dashboards for better data visualization and easy metrics representation
  • Interactive Reports allow end-users to group, filter, add calculations, save report views, and much more
  • Access your reports on mobile devices

Move On From Discoverer Quickly

Once you convert your reports through our Discoverer migration service, you’ll be able to:

  • Use any modern web browser to view reports
  • View reports on the mobile device of your choice
  • Access EBS and external systems data on a single reporting platform
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Migrate your reports to Fusion Applications Cloud when ready

Let us migrate your reports from Oracle Discoverer to Oracle APEX.

Provide accurate and flexible reporting to your users and decision-makers while being supported for years to come!

Interested in migrating Oracle Discoverer reports to APEX? Let’s set up a time to talk.

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