Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions

Do you have critical data and applications outside your EBS system?

Your E-Business Suite installation covers multiple departments and many business-critical processes, yet, it can’t always adapt to your needs. This is why frequently, departments within a company will resort to creating decentralized data points or databases (such as in Microsoft Excel or Access) to solve tactical issues. Sometimes these applications contain critical data. This raises issues such as:


  • Data integrity. As a secondary “source of truth”, these outside data files can compromise your data. Sharing multiple copies of them can make things worse.
  • Security. Excel or other types of data files don’t fall under robust authentication schemes and may not even be passworded. They can escape security, through printout or email, for example.
  • Confidentiality issues. Such files make it difficult to control who has access to what information.
  • Grey areas in your business processes. Because they exist outside your ERP, these files are rarely formally mapped.

Why E-Business Suite extensions make sense

This is why building extensions in EBS is an excellent way to ensure your business remains secure yet flexible. E-Business Suite extensions offer far better mechanisms for interfacing with EBS, controlling your data, improving your business processes, and growing with your EBS system. Modern, web-based E-Business Suite extensions, in particular, can offer a superior user experience (UX).

The ideal tool to develop E-Business Suite extensions: Oracle APEX

Oracle provides the ideal web-based development tool to build such extensions.  It’s called Oracle Application Express (APEX). Residing on your database and already covered under your database license, it enables Rapid Application Development with no limit on developer or end-user seats. Oracle, in fact, recommends and supports using APEX to build EBS extensions, as described in detail in Oracle’s White Paper on the subject by Product Manager David Peak.

While Oracle APEX is a Low-Code technology platform that allows you to quickly build opportunistic extensions, it is also designed for data-heavy applications. Experienced APEX developers such as ours can use it to roll out robust enterprise-wide solutions. It’s also important to note that EBS patches and upgrades do not impact APEX as it runs decoupled from EBS in your database.


EBS development APEX and EBS on Oracle Database

See our video session that walks you through  the first steps of APEX integration with EBS



Our E-Business Suite Extension Services

We offer a full line of services around EBS extensions, using APEX. Our expert team has deep experience developing rich dashboards, interactive reports, customized data entry screens, dynamic data interfaces, and more.


EBS-APEX Projects

Consulting/Staff Augmentation


EBS-APEX Tooling

Training and Coaching

Service Package


If budget is a concern and your organization has knowledgeable talent, we believe it should be called upon to enhance a project’s productivity. In other words, our experts can leverage your organization’s resources, working alongside them, providing guidance, sharing knowledge and elevating their APEX abilities throughout the mandate. In fact, knowledge sharing is an important part of our methodology. Not only does it accelerates the work, but it can also provide your staff with new skills to be used long after the project is completed.

Do you require the immediate setup of a specific business process? We even have several pre-built application packages, each customizable to fit your needs. More about that below.


R12.2 Quick Invoices for Oracle EBS in APEX by Insum


In short, we can optimize your EBS business processes through custom development, on your existing ERP infrastructure. Which of the services below best suit your needs?

EBS-APEX Projects

Our team of experts can manage all aspects of your project, from planning to execution, leveraging years of experience in both EBS and Oracle custom development.

  • We provide project management, business analysis, technical analysis, database administration, development, and quality control.
  • All of our EBS implementations and upgrade project resources are experienced.
  • We’ve developed and use tooling to speed the development of EBS extensions. These include
    • Single Sign-On between EBS and APEX
    • EBS context enabler in APEX
    • Starter Applications

Consulting/Staff Augmentation

E-Business Suite Extensions Coaching and training Insum

This is a popular model for EBS organizations because their business requirements are often closely related to EBS configurations, of which your organization has the best knowledge. Typically, your technical resources work alongside ours. For example, we can provide EBS and APEX resources for both technical analysis and development. In turn, you can provide project management and testing.


  • Our resources can work on-site or remotely for technical analysis or EBS and APEX development.
  • We’ve participated in EBS extension development in many different industries, including retail, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Here are examples of modules and business requirements we’ve worked on with EBS organizations worldwide
    • Payables
    • Resource Management
    • General Ledger
    • Inventory
    • Order Management


Whether your system is on-premise or in the cloud, we’ll ensure your infrastructure and installed apps provide a stable and supported environment for years to come. Our APEX-EBS audits cover all aspects of a sound APEX implementation in the context of EBS. We’ll evaluate your infrastructure, applications and the development lifecycle process for best practices and provide a full report with recommended actions.

  • Our EBS resources are worldwide references for APEX development
  • We can provide best practices on multiple APEX infrastructure configurations
  • You can apply recommendations at your own pace

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EBS-APEX Tooling

Our EBS-APEX Tools are pre-built applications or utilities that accelerate APEX development in the context of  EBS. Not only can they satisfy a specific requirement or fill common business process gaps with custom development, they can also help reduce costs. They stem from our experiences on multiple development projects and comply with EBS development standards.


R12.2 Web ADI in APEX for EBS by Insum


  • Insum Handshake for EBS: This is an EBS to APEX integration package that ensures a seamless connection between EBS and APEX, recreating the EBS context inside APEX. This integration package is also a prerequisite for the installation of our other tools.
  • APEX Web ADI. a pre-built application that can replace Web ADI for data import. A function to import General Ledger Journal Entries is available.
  • Payables Quick Invoices: a pre-built application which allows users and organization to easily enter invoices information in a paperless fashion for the Payables department.

Training and Coaching

We offer a 3 days APEX introduction training focusing on EBS touchpoints and bridging EBS and APEX concepts. This type of training works best in-person and on-site. It provides a quick way to develop a proof of concept or answer specific questions related to APEX and EBS.

To ensure this service matches your schedule, coaching can be held on-site or remote and even in a combination of both.

Alternatively, a bank of hours can be established to provide “on-demand” coaching.

Service Package

We also offer a service package called EBS-APEX Up and Running which consists of services and tooling combined into a 5-day on-site training:


  • EBS-APEX Integration Package tool installation (1 day)
  • APEX Introduction training (3 days)
  •  EBS-APEX coaching (1 day)

EBS organizations eager to start APEX development in the context of EBS can get a lot out of the APEX Introduction Training. This 3-day training will cover everything you need to know to start developing EBS extensions with APEX, taking advantage of Insum’s years of experience in APEX development and EBS expertise.


Have questions about E-Business Suite Extensions with Oracle APEX? We’re here for you. Let’s have a chat!