They’re your strengths. We help you make the most of them.

Every business depends on a variety of applications to meet its needs. Unfortunately, those applications often face limitations due to sub-optimal architecture or inflexible designs that hinder daily operations. Our experienced consultants will analyze your environment, understand your needs, and establish a roadmap to unleash your organization’s productivity.

We help you address the big-picture challenges.

In an effort to solve large, overarching challenges, many organizations rely on business analysts to convey the problem to the technical resources. Some analysts lack in-depth technical knowledge resulting in a breakdown in the communication process and, in the end, solutions that don’t add enough value to the organization. Fortunately, everyone on our team has the technical background, experience, and expertise to understand large challenges—and the tools to address them. Because our experts are familiar with back-end technical problems, we can guide you to the solution with the best value for the business.

We build solutions that address your specific needs.

We bring great value to your organization simply by understanding your problems from a business perspective. And we take pride in our ability to design and implement solutions that help your business succeed. Our extensive experience extends beyond application development to include the underlying technologies that enable our solutions. This includes everything from networking and firewalls to security compliance and business analysis. With our in-depth knowledge of Oracle environments, we can help your organization capitalize on its investments by delivering solutions you actually want to use.

We don’t hand it off to a different team. We are the team.

When you’re searching for the most effective and economically efficient solution, it pays to rely on people with experience. At Insum, the people who talk to your users are the same people who understand the technology and play a role in delivering the final solution. Our consultants are analysts and engineers who work directly with your subject matter experts to fully understand the complexities and nuances of your business. This decreases the amount of time needed to rework the requirements, which in turn requires less time from your resources to accomplish quality and assurance testing, resulting in bottom line benefits. Simply put, we eliminate the hand-off time that creates expensive, time-consuming misunderstandings. Your time and resources are valuable, and we want to manage them wisely.

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