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At Insum, we redefine partnership. With over two decades of experience, a collaborative mindset, a cutting-edge technology stack, and a team of seasoned experts, we're dedicated to driving your organization's success.

So why should you consider working with Insum for your next project? Read on to discover how we're more than just a team of Oracle APEX developers.

Our Story: Collaborative Excellence

Our success story is grounded in the principles of collaboration and client focus. From the beginning, we’ve fostered a culture of teamwork, not just within our organization but also in our client relationships. We’re not just service providers; we’re your partners in growth. Our dedicated and highly skilled professionals are not only experts in Oracle but are also driven by a shared commitment to meet and exceed your expectations.

Learn more about our story in this series of posts created in the celebration of our 20-year anniversary.

At Insum, we remain steadfast in our mission and vision, guiding every aspect of our work with purpose and clarity. Our team is continuously checking in with these beliefs and reflects on them as a company throughout the year.

Our Team: Unparalleled Expertise

With the surging demand for Oracle APEX developers, selecting the right partner is crucial. Discover why Insum stands out among the rest.

We’re all in on Oracle APEX since 2004

Insum has been dedicated to Oracle APEX since 2004, growing from a small consultancy in Montreal to a global team of nearly 100 experts. Our unwavering focus on APEX, supported by decades of combined experience, ensures that it remains our core strength, benefiting our clients immensely.

Global presence

With Oracle APEX consultants spread across the globe, Insum offers 24/7 development support. From Latin America to Europe, India, and Singapore, our “night fairies” work while you sleep, ensuring swift project progress and multilingual support.

Award Winners

Insum was awarded the 2023 Intel Oracle Global Leaders Partner Award, North America, for its global partnership with Oracle and innovations made implementing Oracle’s Autonomous Database among its customers.

Certified & experienced

Insum boasts an impressive team of Oracle-certified professionals, including a team that includes: 36 APEX Certified Employees, 58 OCI Certified Employees, and 18 Other Oracle Certifications. This demonstrates our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the platform, guaranteeing top-notch solutions for our clients.

Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors

Insum is home to 10 Oracle ACEs, experts recognized by Oracle for their significant contributions to the community. Their world-class knowledge and continuous sharing of insights directly benefit our clients.

We’re all about collaboration & learning

Insum prioritizes knowledge sharing and collaboration, participating in social media, running an internal Insum Academy, and fostering a culture of learning through events like TechnoScrums and TechnoLunches. This dedication to constant improvement leads to the development of tools like the Insum Toolkit.

Specialized Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

At Insum, we’re not your typical consulting firm; we’re a team of specialized experts ready to tackle your unique challenges. Discover our specialized services and see how we can help your organization succeed.

More from our Team

Ensuring the security of your data is our top priority. That’s why Insum has assembled a team of security experts who are highly skilled in the latest Oracle security features. From cross-site scripting to encryption, we implement best practices and utilize cutting-edge tools to protect your sensitive data, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

If you’re doing any significant work with Oracle APEX, beyond pure spreadsheet replacement or ‘Form and Report on Table’, you’re gonna need PL/SQL.

And guess what? We’ve got a world-renowned PL/SQL expert in our team, Steven Feuerstein. A strong advocate of best practices and standards, Steven is a well-known author and speaker on all things Oracle and PL/SQL related.

Steven also leads our teach lead team, and works closely with our consultants doing next level code review. He makes sure we’re always doing our best work possible when it comes to leveraging the power of the Oracle database, and is hard at work developing ‘Insum standards’ our consultants get to use in their projects, like Insum Debug and Insum Mail.

If anybody gets stuck for even a bit, they know exactly who to turn to for help. And that means our clients get a solid code base they can feel good about.

Keny Colina heads up our Oracle Forms Modernization practice. His experience with hundreds of Forms conversions/migrations, our team has developed a methodology that is second to none. Whether it’s a simple upgrade, a lift to the cloud, a hybrid solution or a full migration away from Forms, we’ve done it. Our dedicated team of experts have helped many organizations successfully modernize their Oracle Forms applications into responsive web apps.

Leveraging our extensive experience, our team has crafted TransForm, a strategic assessment package. It ensures a customized, cost-effective transition, designed to empower your Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX migration.

With Oracle ACEs Luc Demanche and Adrian Png at its core, and several Oracle certified OCI experts on the team, our clients can rest easy knowing they’ve got a best in class team to ensure business continuity, infrastructure and architecture recommendations, monitoring, security and overall Oracle database management, whether on-prem or in the cloud Cloud.

And if you’re one of the many businesses looking for help and support with a move to the Cloud, they’re here to help you do it right with your own custom Cloud Journey Roadmap.

We’ve been working with Oracle APEX for a long time. And we’re still as excited about it as ever!

Our very own InsumLabs ensures we keep up to date with the latest trends and emerging tech, and our consultants are encouraged to develop and/contribute to popular open-source projects such as Insum APEX Pro, Starter Template, Flows for APEX, and many more.

This means we’ve always growing the skills and knowledge we need to help our clients tackle their business problems in leading-edge ways. Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, and more, we’re skilling up so you don’t have to.

Recently, our team has also come up with a new package to support you on your digital endeavors called Innovate. Learn more about our plan to support your digital transformation journey.

Our team is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament to Insum’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in Oracle APEX development. This globally recognized standard affirms that our operations meet the highest quality benchmarks, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our rigorous Quality Management System ensures that every aspect of our service—from project inception to delivery—is meticulously crafted to meet the precise needs of our clients. This certification showcases our expertise and reliability, setting us apart as a trusted partner in application solutions.

At Insum, we are proud to uphold the ISO 9001:2015 standards, reinforcing our position as leaders in the industry and champions of quality in every project we undertake.

We don't just know Oracle APEX, we 'wrote the book'!

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