APEX Coaching and Team Augmentation

Experienced coaches. Expanded teams.

When timing is critical and lack of resources or an underdeveloped skill stands in the way, Insum is here to help. From in-depth support to the finer details of working with APEX, our experts provide in-house or remote coaching and team augmentation to assist both APEX beginners and your most experienced developers. You’ll stay on schedule, strengthen your bench, and mitigate financial risk.

Lack of knowledge, time and resources can hinder development.

Many of our clients face times when the task at hand is more than their in-house IT staff can handle. Either they’re short on time and manpower, or their team lacks the knowledge and experience to address a specific challenge. Some projects are only temporary, so hiring a full-time employee simply doesn’t make sense. By working together, we can help solve the business problem, enhance the skills of your team, and alleviate financial risk at the same time.

Our experts bring a wide range of experience and collective expertise to address your challenges and enhance team skills.

When an issue arises, Insum is well positioned to provide the APEX coaching and support you need—when you need it. It can be extremely difficult—if not impossible—for one person to be well versed in every aspect of the development process. Fortunately, we have an entire team of experts, and each person can offer a specific level of expertise that may not be available elsewhere. Regardless of the issue, you can be sure one of our experts has previously encountered it and knows how to solve it quickly.

Our team can work alongside your team to share best practices, which helps to increase productivity and decrease the risk of failure. Coaching and team augmentation can occur remotely or in-house, but either way the goal is the same: to address the issue and ensure that your business stays operationally stable and flexible at all times. Whether your team is developing new applications or maintaining existing APEX applications and Oracle databases, Insum provides the coaching and support you need.

Our goal is to keep you in control.

When you partner with Insum to coach and augment your team, you benefit in more ways than one. Doing so allows you to maintain control over the process and gain valuable expertise along the way. With team augmentation and coaching, our experts teach your experts. We share methodologies that you can use both now and in the future. From individual support to the collective knowledge of the entire Insum team, we offer world-class services you won’t find elsewhere.

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