Oracle Forms and Reports Modernization

Concerned about your Oracle Forms and Reports?

You may have been asking yourself if you should consider some type of Oracle Forms modernization. Your Forms and Reports are likely at the heart of your business, and we understand that you’ve invested a lot of time and money in these mission-critical tools.

You might, however, worry at times, because these tools are often:

  • Intricate environments where integration with other systems can be complex.
  • Not as user-friendly as end-users have come to expect from web-based applications they use daily.
  • Full of productivity gaps as fewer and fewer new users are able to become proficient with their processes.
Forms Modernization - when you need options - Insum

An additional challenge you likely face is that these days, many experienced developers in charge of Forms and Reports applications are approaching retirement.

Finding and training their replacements can often feel like a race against time.

Forms and Reports Modernization to Suit Your Business

Insum approaches Forms and Reports modernization with a fully developed methodology designed to adapt to your business’ exact requirements.

With every Forms and Reports modernization project, we’ll work with you to carefully design project governance and project management activities around your unique needs.

Moreover, we effectively manage risk and ensure smooth and efficient operation, as well as effective change management.

A Modernization Process that respects your priorities

Clearly, there are compelling reasons to modernize your Forms and Reports applications. But we know that not just any solution will do! Every legacy system update has some non-negotiables. These can include:

  • You can’t interrupt the flow of your business for very long, if at all.
  • You do not want to increase your Oracle licensing or support costs.
  • The changeover must be smooth – your end-users shouldn’t miss a beat during the transition
  • There are some established business processes and standards that must remain. Every business has these.
  • You’d much prefer to leverage your experienced IT team for new developments as they are the ones that can ensure the changes made are the best fit for your business.
  • You’d like to reuse the same code to save on programming costs wherever possible.

For these reasons and more, it takes a special kind of technology partner to help negotiate your Forms and Reports Modernization. A partner that can work collaboratively with your team to leverage the efficiencies you have created with Oracle Forms and Reports. One that won’t just stick you with a readymade, big bang solution.

Oracle Forms and Reports Modernization isn’t “One Size Fits All”

What are your business processes and where do you want to take them? We’ll work with you to answer these questions and provide you with a variety of options unmatched in the industry.

Here are the 3 main steps in our Forms and Reports Modernization Process:

1. Assessment

After gaining an understanding of your business processes and objectives, we’ll assess your Forms and Reports applications using InForms.

InForms is a unique and powerful assessment tool developed by Insum Labs, our own in-house research and development center.

InForms Insum Forms Modernization evaluation tool

2. Modernization tailored to your unique needs

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll make recommendations. Your desired outcomes will put you somewhere along the below Forms Modernization spectrum.

If your Forms applications meet all your needs, you may decide to then keep them as is.  In such a case, we recommend you at least upgrade to the latest version of Forms. But even keeping pace with the latest Forms upgrades as they are made available will leave you well short of the capabilities offered by modern web-based applications.

Forms/APEX Blended Solution

We can develop new applications that will coexist in harmony with your current Forms. You keep what’s still working for you and your business, but gain new tools that can fill gaps that may have arisen over time.

Forms to APEX Conversion

We can migrate your current Forms into powerful web-based applications. This also provides a great opportunity to improve some of your business processes that may have evolved over time, all the while keeping your data and desired functionalities intact. We will re-use a good portion of your existing code in the process, reducing both time and money spent.

The two above solutions can, of course, be utilized in a mix-and-match approach as well.

A Word on System Replication

If your internal rules or industry regulations prohibit anything but direct system replication of your Forms processes to a more modern application platform, we can do that too! While we’d love the chance to help you fix all those little things that you may have always wanted to, and don’t normally recommend direct replication, we understand that it may sometimes be your only option.

3. Positioning you for the future

Partnering with us to modernize your Forms applications puts you in a better position to deal with your business’ ever-changing requirements.

From application development to support and evolution, we’ve got your needs covered.

We can provide:

  • Fully supported Oracle development technology in the hands of experts. Our top-notch development team leverages Oracle’s rapid web application development framework already included with your Oracle database and covered under your database license. Because Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a fully supported Low-Code-for-the-enterprise environment, it enables our experts to quickly create highly productive yet user-friendly applications tailored to your functional specifications.
  • The opportunity to take your business processes where you thought they couldn’t go. We create applications that are responsive from the get-go.  We can provide flexible, interactive reporting, thanks to APEX’s powerful analytic capabilities. Furthermore, if down the road your business requires integrations with external systems, web services or a migration to the cloud, we provide those services as well.
  • Comprehensive levels of support. Insum is a long-established expert in Oracle technology. We can provide long-term application and database support, as well as the continued enhancement of your applications based on your business’ changing needs.

Have questions about Forms Modernization? We’re here to help.

Are you ready?

Considering Oracle Forms modernization? Take our Modernization readiness survey today.

Discover tailored insights to streamline your journey based on years of in-depth experience and successful modernization projects.

Oracle Forms Modernization: Where to start? Let Insum provide a roadmap.

Oracle Forms Modernizing can be overwhelming, and success lies in understanding, not just migrating.

TransForm offers a detailed assessment, ensuring your transition is strategic, cost-effective, and tailored to your unique application landscape. Don’t just migrate; transform with insight.

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