The unique Oracle APEX trading cards, where each card represents an element of Oracle APEX, bringing a touch of magic and excitement to this low-code platform.


What is APEXia anyways? This unique Oracle APEX trading card game is a story celebrating a captivating realm divided into four themes – Dynasty, Components, Abilities, and Landmarks. Each card represents an element of Oracle APEX, depicted as characters, artifacts, spells, and places, adding a touch of magic and adventure to a low code Oracle product that is all the buzz after Larry Ellison pointed out its importance at Oracle Cloud World’s Keynote in October 2022.

Have you been APEXified?

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This year, APEXia levels up by allowing you to join the Battle for App Supremacy. Stop by our booth (#231) to be part of the APEXia adventure like never before. Introducing customizable virtual APEXia cards: create your own character—whether a coding hero, a debugging wizard, or a data ninja. Answer a series of questions to assist with tailoring your character best to resemble you or your skills and development preferences, and voila! Your unique APEXia card comes to life in the digital realm.

These virtual cards are more than collectibles; they’re your gateway to joining the battle for app supremacy in Oracle APEX.

Who Would have thought?


In case you missed it, we went wild and out of the box this year for our conference swag. We all know the usual suspects of the exhibit hall handouts. You have; the pens, the stickers, the prized t-shirts (people LOVE t-shirts.) Then there are the not-so-popular attempts; one on our end was Bee’s Wax food coverings. Who knew no one wanted to save the world from more wasted plastic enough to cover their food in beeswax?

With these ideas in mind and a mini celebration to head back to in-person events, our marketing team went crazy. They went back in time and channelled their inner child collector. They added a bit of adventure and creativity and embraced a unique idea. An APEX world full of skills, characters, and places was born. Needless to say, we all got really excited about APEXia – the Battle for App Supremacy.


The AI-driven journey of crafting APEXia was not only about a fantastical realm of trading cards. The APEXia idea was inspired by the diverse and dynamic APEX community and the team’s goal of creating something that educates, engages, and entertains.

Oracle APEX Tip cards? This idea got a resounding ‘MEH’ from our Insum community. Cards representing prominent members of the APEX community? We were getting closer, but who to choose with such an enthusiastic, vibrant and engaged community? So made-up characters it was. The bonus of this idea was that it also opened up a world of possibilities and ignited our team’s passion for leveraging AI in innovative ways to enhance applications.

With this goal in mind, our creative team waved their wands (and worked countless hours) to merge technology with fantasy, crafting this unique collection. Even more interesting were the resources used to come up with the packs. The team used tools like CanvaChatGPT, and AI Image Generation with Night Café to stylize and connect the content together.

Michelle Skamene, our resident AI Expert, played a pivotal role in shaping the magical kingdom of APEXia. Beginning with ChatGPT she embarked on an adventure of iteration and creativity, refining card concepts and sprinkling the charm of fantasy into the realm of Oracle APEX.

Some of the Night Cafe suggestions

Michelle shares her experience:

“Crafting the magical kingdom of APEXia was quite the adventure. My guiding spirit in this journey was none other than ChatGPT. I leveraged the power of this AI to help shape the world of APEXia, iterating ideas, refining card concepts, and sprinkling the charm of fantasy into the realm of Oracle APEX.

From conceptualizing unique card names to creating elaborate card descriptions, ChatGPT was the unsung hero, a testament to the innovative ways AI can be utilized to add a new dimension to our creative expressions. With each suggestion from ChatGPT, a new piece of APEXia fell into place, resulting in a realm brimming with adventure and, hopefully, also education.

I am really thrilled with how these cards turned out!”


Because learning should be a thrilling adventure! These cards add a layer of excitement to mastering Oracle APEX, encouraging camaraderie among enthusiasts. Plus, the enchanting artwork and lore are sure to capture your imagination.


Ok, so you missed us at a few events (Ascend,  Kscope, and Cloud World) but really want in on the fun. We promise, we’re looking at ways to send packs out and share with the community. In the meantime, if you really want one, let us know by dropping a comment on this post.

We plan to send a few packs to a lucky winner every month! Enter to win the APEXia Trading card raffle below!


Don’t forget to check out our app, which pairs perfectly with the cards. Log cards you’ve received, unlock lore, and join occasional raffles for a chance to win prizes. Collect, trade, and become an APEXia master. Get started on this enthralling journey today! ✨ Click the button below to explore the realm of APEXia and uncover the magic within.


The collaboration between human creativity and AI ingenuity was fun and innovative.

But the journey will continue for the world of APEXia and the Insum team. We’re looking at ways to keep the fun going with virtual cards we hope will be just as fun. Stay tuned!

We’re also equally enthusiastic about exploring new and innovative ways to leverage AI tools, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and elevating applications to the next level. The endless potential of AI-driven creativity awaits, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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