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Montreal, January 10, 2024 – Insum recently participated for the 2nd time in the annual “A Great Place to Work” survey. This initiative was brought to the team at Insum after joining the Talan group in 2021. This survey aims to gauge Insum employees’ sentiments on core values, providing a tangible measure of their culture, a focus held dear by the Insum founders and leadership team.

While this survey is a new initiative for Insum, the concept of employee satisfaction is not. Throughout its 21 years in the industry, Insum’s commitment to employee happiness and a thriving culture remains unwavering. Celebrating big and small achievements is a monthly ritual during company calls. The leadership team prioritizes employee support and growth opportunities, exemplified by initiatives like mental health webinars, language classes, and a strong emphasis on work-family balance.

So, what did the survey say? The team proved these efforts worthy when the results came in December. Insum achieved a remarkable 96% approval rating from their team! This score sets an inspiring tone for the year ahead.

“Insum’s journey as an exceptional workplace is not just about surveys; it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to our team’s well-being and satisfaction. As we navigate the evolving landscape of our industry, our focus on cultivating a positive culture remains unshaken. The 96% approval rating from our team in the ‘Great Place to Work’ survey is not just a number; it reflects the shared dedication of every Insum team member to our values. We’re not just building applications but crafting a workplace where people thrive. Here’s to another year of innovation, growth, and the happiness of our incredible team.”

Francis Mignault, CEO of Insum.

More about The Great Place to Work®

Since 1980, the Great Place to Work® Institute has been a beacon for evaluating workplaces based on trust between employees and management. Leveraging tools such as employee surveys, culture assessments, and advisory services, the institute, known as “Trust Specialists,” champions the belief that trust fosters positive workplace interactions, higher profits, and increased productivity.

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