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Montreal, January 10, 2024 – Leading the way in Oracle APEX development, Insum (insum.talan.com), a Quebec-based company specializing in innovative application solutions and Oracle APEX development, proudly announces its recent ISO 9001:2015 recertification.

Insum’s commitment to excellence and the quality of its services is, once again, internationally recognized. This certification complies with the highest quality standards and is notably thanks to its efficient quality management system that meets clients’ needs. This prestigious seal of quality will allow Insum to continue penetrating new markets where this certification may be a prerequisite for large-scale projects.

Francis Mignault, co-founder and CEO, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “This certification underscores our ongoing dedication to quality and excellence in delivering services to our clients. Every member of our team played a pivotal role in this achievement. We are thrilled to uphold the standards that have enabled us to achieve this certification once again as we continue delivering our services.”

The Quality Management System in Action

The journey towards ISO 9001:2015 compliance involved thoroughly evaluating Insum’s intricate business processes and the Quality Management System (QMS) in place.

Throughout the evaluation process, Insum focused on enhancing key elements of its QMS, emphasizing a proactive approach to quality assurance. The organization actively promoted knowledge-sharing and cross-project collaboration among its team members, fostering an environment where expertise and lessons learned are exchanged to refine practices continually.

In addition to strengthening internal processes, Insum placed a strong emphasis on continuous refinement of development standards. This involved rigorous training programs and innovative techniques to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of Oracle APEX development, embracing opportunities such as Oracle Certifications and Training.

This commitment to excellence in every facet of operations underscores Insum’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards outlined in ISO 9001:2015. By achieving this certification, Insum not only demonstrates adherence to global benchmarks but also positions itself as a leader in delivering quality-driven solutions to its diverse clientele.

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