Regulatory agency bets on APEX for Forms modernization

This state government agency regulates all aspects of the state’s pari-mutual horse and greyhound racing industry.


To fulfill its industry regulator's role, this commission required functionality beyond the limits of its Oracle Forms-based legacy applications.


• Automate time-consuming manual processes
• Reduce clutter
• Simplify navigation
• Improve application security


New applications include existing Forms functionality and many enhancements, several of which are native to APEX. They've improved performance in several areas.

• Easy ``one-stop`` navigation of all animal records
• Reduction of excessive navigation in case tracking. Powerful, customizable reports.
• Automation of manual processes and increased security in rulings application
• Easier to understand licensing application with added links for relationships




  • Oracle APEX, and its tools
  • Interactive Reports
  • Oracle Database tools
  • Apex Office Print (AOP)


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“Insum was able to customize the commission’s ruling system to our specific needs. They took the time to listen to what we wanted and needed from the system. Any requested changes were done in a timely manner and they paid attention to all the details.”

Director of Licensing
– Regulatory Agency

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