By: Adrian Png On: October 25, 2021 In: APEX Developer Solutions, Business Perspectives, Cloud Comments: 0

Adrian Png shares some news about the Oracle Cloud, APEX, the Singapore region, and a little personal news as well.

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By: Adrian Png On: September 22, 2020 In: Cloud Comments: 0
By: Adrian Png On: January 29, 2020 In: Business Solutions Comments: 0
By: Adrian Png On: March 1, 2019 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

Docker is a popular software delivery platform that packages and runs applications in “containers”. Docker containers have the necessary software dependencies pre-installed, run within an isolated operating system environment, and can be deployed on any host system where the Docker Engine can run. Typically, developers “pull” images from a...

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By: Adrian Png On: July 13, 2018 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

ICYMI (in case you missed it), Oracle is having a special live webcast on July 16, 2018. After several false expectations from the media, Oracle’s finally (probably) announcing the general availability of the Autonomous Blockchain service. I have been longing for the day! At Kscope18, I had the honour...

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By: Adrian Png On: May 15, 2018 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

Blockchain is a technology buzzword getting a lot of attention these days. At its core, this technology is a means for securing data in a distributed database. The data is de-centralized as opposed to all together in one place such as in a traditional database structure. Its design makes...

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By: Adrian Png On: December 20, 2017 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 12

The Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML2) is an XML-based markup language and an open standard for identity and service providers to communicate authentication and authorization information.

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By: Adrian Png On: February 28, 2017 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 4

Learn how to integrate statistical calculations or machine learning algorithms in your Oracle APEX application with R functions.

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By: Adrian Png On: November 17, 2016 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

As part of our no-code to low-code show at the recent Oracle Developer Day Vancouver, we created a demo Oracle APEX application that uses both historical and live Open511 data from DriveBC. The application also allows any resident in the city to contribute events using any device.

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By: Adrian Png On: July 28, 2016 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

With low-cost viewers and a VR framework, developers can easily create a ground-breaking experience for their APEX applications.

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