By: Michelle Skamene On: April 15, 2024 In: Business Perspectives, Excel, Home Page, Latest Blog Comments: 0

Discover how Excel's limitations in complex settings can lead to inefficiencies, and how Oracle APEX is the perfect to help overcome them

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Explore the challenges of modernizing existing applications in our latest post. From delicately handling legacy data to intricately revamping architecture, discover why this journey differs from building new systems from scratch. Uncover the complexities and learn how to ensure a seamless transition with the light at the end of...

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By: Michelle Skamene On: November 26, 2023 In: Business Perspectives, Business Solutions, Home Page Comments: 0

Explore the pivotal decision between custom application development and off-the-shelf solutions. Our latest post at Insum delves into when custom software, powered by our expertise in Oracle APEX, is the strategic choice for unique business needs, seamless integration, and scalable growth. Discover how to make the right choice for...

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