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Montréal, March 25th, 2020 – Insum (insum.talan.com), a custom software development company based in Montreal, with offices in Boston, Plattsburgh, and Peru, has launched a global online platform, COVID19Masks (https://covid19masks.info), allowing healthcare facilities worldwide to log their Personal Protective Equipment needs as they face the COVID-19 pandemic. This tool was created by one of Insum’s Rapid Response Teams, an initiative aimed at helping organizations worldwide deal with the new and urgent data management needs brought on by the pandemic. The COVID19Masks site has already been used by facilities in the USA, Canada, Egypt and the Philippines.


  • The COVID19Masks platform allows any facility with an urgent need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to log and communicate its needs. This includes facilities willing to accept hand-made equipment such as homemade masks
  • Any individual or organization that wishes to donate, manufacture or even hand make the equipment, can easily find and connect to these facilities by using different search criteria : country/state/type of need, and more. They can then commit to the need by indicating how much they are willing or able to provide. The equipment is then delivered or mailed to the facility according to instructions posted.
  • Since launching the site on Sunday, facilities from several countries have already logged their needs.
  • Insum wanted to contribute its experience and expertise in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. They have put together several rapid response teams aimed at being able to quickly help organizations dealing with urgent data management needs as they try to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. For more information : https://insum.talan.com/covid19
  • The idea for COVID19Masks.info came about when a Boston-area hospital reached out with an urgent need for masks to help protect their staff. Christine Nielsen, wife of Anton Nielsen, Vice-President and Insum Rapid Response Team Lead, joined a group of volunteers to help sew masks for the hospital. After hearing of many similar cries for help in the news, Anton decided to leverage his team to connect those facilities in need with people willing to help. 48 hours later, the site was live.


Anton Nielsen, Vice President, COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Lead

« The news is full of hospitals, healthcare facilities or other groups of vulnerable people around the world struggling with the lack of protective equipment. We were also hearing of people wishing to help donate, make or even manufacture some of this equipment. We wanted to help connect these 2 groups. »

« We’re excited to see the platform being used so early on, and already have many updates in mind. We’ll be working on making the platform available in French and Spanish in the coming days. As we all know, France and Spain have been particularly hard hit, and this is not meant to be a US-only initiative. We’re all in this together »

About Insum

Insum develops highly specialized innovative application solutions using Oracle Application Express (APEX), a Rapid Application Development tool included with the Oracle database. With offices in Canada, the United States and Peru, Insum is currently the largest consulting firm specializing in Oracle APEX. Its internationally recognized team of experts develops custom application solutions to answer the needs of its broad client base of public and private sector organizations, including financial, government, and higher learning institutions as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies.



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