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What’s more fun? Writing code or checking out someone else’s code and coming up with ideas for making it better? Both! In this Feuertip, Steven invites long-time Oracle developer Morten Braten to do a live code review of some possibly great, possibly awful code.


Morten’s Cultural Artefacts

“Getting Real”, a free book by Jason Friend and David Heiemeier Hanson at 37 Signals



“The Rest is History” podcast by Tom Holland (not the Spiderman actor, but the historian) and Dominic Sandbrook




Every other Wednesday at 11 am ET, I go live on YouTube and Facebook with Michelle Skamene to provide you with a not-to-be-missed PL/SQL tip and fun conversation. Sure, we record it so you can always watch later, but live is so much more rewarding!
One participant will be selected at random to choose from three organizations dedicated to the preservation of our planet and its biodiversity.
Insum will then make a donation of $25 to that group in your name.
What could be better than levelling up your PL/SQL tips and helping one of these worthy organizations? Join us every other Wednesday at 11!
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