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In 2021, Insum joined the Talan group, a firm that specializes in digital innovation and transformation. Over the past year, we have been working closely with the Talan team to onboard and transition to some new ways of doing things.  One of these additions to our Insum way of life was participating in the “A Great Place to Work” annual survey.  

The Great Place to Work® Institute has been listening to employees and evaluating employers since 1980. They have a strong belief that the foundation of every great workplace is trust between employees and management. They use tools like employee surveys, culture assessments, company research, and offer advisory services to assist organizations to building high-trust workplaces. 

The Great Place to Work® Institute calls themselves “Trust Specialists:

In a great workplace, trust manifests itself in every relationship. In a high-trust environment, people cooperate and collaborate, leading to positive workplace interactions, higher profits, and greater productivity.”  

We were eager to reach out to our employees and understand how they felt about the core issues valued by the survey: trust, and the presence of consistent positive experiences. In a way, this could help finally measure one of the most important values at Insum, the culture.   

If you talk to any of our founders or leadership team, you’ll hear how important employee happiness, and a healthy culture are to our success. Throughout the year, we make sure these elements are central to things we do and celebrate. We spend focused time recognizing achievements, both large and small, on monthly company calls. We offer employees support and opportunities for growth, both in and outside the workplace. 

Examples of this can be seen in a recent webinar series offered to the team focusing on mental health. We also offer language classes to the entire team, a membership to a virtual fitness app, flexible working hours and a strong focus on work-family balance, amongst other things. This employee-centered focus has been long-standing with Insum as it has been operating in this way since its inception, twenty years ago.  

The survey gave us a chance to see the results of these efforts.  

Drum roll please- we achieved a 97% percent approval rating from our team! 

There are no words to express the amount of joy and pride this number gave the founders and leadership team.  

Francis Mignault Insum

For the last 20 years, people have been in the center of our success. Knowledge sharing, teamwork, fun, innovation are all values that we share and respect, even if we are all remote. The GPTW 97% score reflects these values and success, and I am very proud of it. We have a great team of people at Insum.”

Francis Mignault, CEO of Insum. 

There is something extra special about starting with this score right out of the gate. We look forward to maintaining these numbers throughout 2023. If you, or someone you know, is looking to join our team of experts and amazing humans, check out our career page. We’re not lying, it’s official. We are a Great Place to Work®. 


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