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We’re excited to be heading to COLLABORATE 17: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community on April 2-6, 2017.

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COLLABORATE is one of our favorite conferences of the year. The week is filled with people from all industries and technologies; it’s truly a great space to share ideas and learn from each other.

At Insum, we are passionate about Oracle Application Express (APEX), and particularly in using APEX to customize Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).  We presented two sessions last year on using APEX to build EBS extensions: 60 Minute APEX Extension for EBS & EBS Reports and Dashboards for the People & by the People. We’re looking forward to presenting even more sessions this year – see details below.

Collaborate 17 Complimentary Consultations

During this year’s conference, we’re offering complimentary 30-minute consultations with our EBS-APEX experts. If you want to meet one-on-one, reserve your spots before they fill up!

We’ll be at the Exhibitor Showcase at booth 1452, so please swing by our booth to say hello.  And, if you’re interested in using APEX to build EBS extensions, ask us about our recently launched “UP and Running with APEX and EBS” package.

Collaborate 17ebs-apex-booth

COLLABORATE 17 creates a community of helpful people all with innovative ideas to optimize your Oracle applications. Some of the brightest Oracle minds from around the globe come to Las Vegas to present their sessions. A few from Insum will be among that group and showcasing their E-Business Suite and Oracle Application Express knowledge. We’re looking forward to their presentations!

List of Collaborate 17 Sessions

When Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator meet Application Express

Speakers: Patrick Cimolini and Sylvain Martel

Abstract: Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator is being used by every organization using Oracle E-Business Suite. Users like the flexibility of uploading various type of transactions using Excel. Issues arise often with Excel version, Windows regional settings and countless other variables to make your life miserable. This session will show you how Oracle Application Express can be used to replace Excel or facilitate the upload of your data and transactions into Oracle E-Business Suite.

  1. Understand the differences between Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator and Application Express
  2. Demonstrate how to drag and drop Excel files into an Application Express screen
  3. Demonstrate how to replace Web Application Desktop Integrator with Application Express


Accessible single sign-on integration between Oracle E-Business Suite and Application Express

Speaker: Sylvain Martel and Anton Nielsen

Abstract: This advanced technical session reviews a fully functional Oracle Application Express extension for Oracle E-Business Suite which was previously created. We will walk through the open source code that offer single sign-on authentication between Oracle E-Business Suite and Application Express using an open source single sign-on engine and an integration package. Attendees will learn how to use the integration package to set an Application Express applications in the context of Oracle E-Business Suite, including profile options, multi-org, and language support.

  1. Describe the components to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite and Application Express context
  2. Understand how to configure the single sign-on engine
  3. Understand the integration package to set the Oracle E-Business Suite context in Application Express
  4. Describe the best practices for creating Application Express extensions


The 60 minute Oracle Application Express extension for Oracle E-Business Suite

Speakers: Patrick Cimolini and Sylvain Martel

Abstract: This 60 minute session will give you 60 great reasons to use Oracle Application Express the next time you want to create an extension with Oracle E-Business Suite. That’s because 60 minutes is all it takes to create a fully functional extension. You will see the explicit steps required to integrate Oracle Application Express with the Oracle E-Business Suite environment, including profile options, multi-org and language support. Time well spent!

  1. See the steps required to build an Oracle Application Express extension for Oracle E-Business Suite
  2. Demonstrate recreating the Oracle E-Business Suite context in Oracle Application Express
  3. Understand where Oracle Application Express is a good use case for Oracle E-Business Suite extension
  4. Get a link to free code that integrates Oracle Application Express with Oracle E-Business Suite.


Cloudy With a Chance of APEX

Speaker: Francis Mignault

Abstract: In the past you used to have to buy servers and/or hosting services to manage your technology stack. Now there are numerous options which allow you to quickly and easily deploy your applications on the cloud. The tough part is deciding which cloud offering or tools to use.

This session will cover the different cloud options available for your Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications for both Oracle Cloud and non-Oracle cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Some of the cloud options use APEX as a add-on such as BI Cloud Service (BICS) will also be discussed.

  1. Match the available cloud options to your specific business needs.
  2. Understand APEX deployment and availability issues in the cloud
  3. Know what APEX Hosting services are available to you


The Cost of a Click – Designing an Efficient GUI

Speaker: Patrick Cimolini

Abstract: The cost of a single mouse click can add up to thousands of dollars of wasted time annually for a large company. This presentation quantifies the cost of a click and estimates a financial break even point for the development effort that is required to eliminate mouse and keyboard clicks. The presentation uses Oracle Application Express to illustrate a number of design principles that can be used to optimize a Graphic User Interface (GUI); however, the general principles can be applied to other development technologies as well.

  1. Quantify the cost of a mouse click in your organization.
  2. Balance the cost of a click against the cost of eliminating the click.
  3. See a number of design patterns that can be used to make your end users more efficient.


See you at Collaborate 17!

However, if you’re not attending Collaborate 17 but are interested in learning more about EBS and APEX now, please visit our APEX videos page and watch some of our recent webinars: EBS Web ADI Replacement: Oracle APEX or EBS Reports and Dashboards for the People & by the People.

See you in Las Vegas!

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