February Power Ranking Oracle APEX 19
By: Monty Latiolais On: February 14, 2019 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

Last year about this time we began a blog series power ranking the upcoming features associated with Application Express 18.1. The response was overwhelming. Mike Hichwa even admitted within the halls of Oracle the monthly power rankings provided bragging rights among the APEX Dev Team. With Application Express 19.1 New Features announced we’re set to do it all again. For this the second time which puts it somewhere between habit and tradition. We’ll continue to provide our ranking each and every month until APEX 19.1 is generally available. So tell me…where does your favorite APEX 19.1 feature rank? Here is Power Ranking APEX 19 features February

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Editor’s note: Power Rankings take into consideration the pulse of the APEX community, monitoring its comments and publications and including direct conversations with many. They are based on gauged interest, enthusiasm and expected impact of each enhancement. If you’re looking forward to a particular feature, make sure to tweet or blog about it. It just may affect the rankings! Power Rankings are based on a preponderance of social media.  If you have an issue with these Oracle APEX 19.1 rankings, or have a question or comment for Monty Latiolais, send him an e-mail or contact him via Twitter. Just understand he won’t be bought…but he can be rented.

    1. 8

      New Inline Popup Region Template

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

    2. 7

      New Dynamic Action Open/Close Region

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

    3. 6

      Oracle JET and jQuery Library Upgrades

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • JET 6.1.0
      • jQuery 3.3.1
      • jQuery UI 1.12.1
    4. 5

      App Builder Dark Mode

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • The development environment of APEX can now be rendered with a darker color scheme, which reduces eye strain and is especially helpful for those who are developing late into the night.
    5. 4

      JET Charts

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • Status Meter Gauge
        • New JET chart type which supports 3 rendering options: Circular, Horizontal, and Vertical.
        • Automatically replaces de-supported JET Dial Gauge chart.
      • GANNT Chart Enhancements
        • New declarative Tooltip options, for better control over the information displayed in tooltips.
        • New examples in Sample Charts application, page 3.
      • Stack Chart Enhancements
        • New declarative Stack Label option, to render stack value totals on top of each stack.
        • New declarative Stack Category option, to easily render stack charts with multiple stacks.
      • Text Formatting Enhancements
        • New declarative options to set the font family, style, size, and color for axes titles and values, series values, and legend values.
      • Sample Chart application Enhancements
        • New in 19.1 section added to Reference page, to highlight new features and functionality introduced in 19.1
    6. 3

      New Data Loading

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • The data upload functionality in SQL Workshop has been modernized with a new drag & drop user interface and support for native Excel, CSV, XML and JSON documents. The same capabilities have been added to the Create App from Spreadsheet wizard and a new, public data loading PL/SQL API (Package APEX_DATA_PARSER) will be made available.
    7. 2

      Interactive Grid Enhancements

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • Additional declarative attributes have been added to Page Designer for managing Interactive Grids.
    8. 1

      REST Enabled Forms

      Last month’s ranking: N/A

      • The built-in support for REST-enabled SQL and Web Sources has been extended to Form regions and allow read and write access to remote data sources. The APEX_EXEC PL/SQL API will also be extended to support read and write.

RIchard Soule APEX 19 Comment

“By providing a simple, low code based approach to building data entry forms based on REST enabled services, APEX has given us the ability to give users the location agnostic, integrated experience they expect without wasting time and money on expensive integration frameworks.”
— Rich Soule, Director of Consulting Services, Insum

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