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By: Jackie McIlroy On: September 22, 2016 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 0

#1 – Oracle APEX 5.0 is faster!

The Oracle APEX Engine has been overhauled with the release of APEX 5.0. Extensive work was put into optimizing the code and as a result, you can get a boost in speed when running an application on APEX 5.0 versus APEX 4.2. It is impossible to say how much of a boost you will get, but I think it’s safe to say that there will be one.

Joel Kallman, Director of Software Development for Oracle Application Express, states that

“We did measure over the 5.0 development cycle various attributes about the APEX engine, and there is reduced CPU usage, reduced Session Logical Reads, reduced execute count for SQL & PL/SQL, reduced parse count of SQL & PL/SQL, and reduced redo size.  In some cases, it was a 50% reduction for execution of the same APEX application.”

#2 – Development with Oracle APEX 5.0 takes less time!

APEX 5.0 introduced us to the Page Designer and Universal Theme. Both the Page Designer and Universal theme help reduce the cost of development by making things much quicker and easier for developers. The Universal Theme removes a lot of the UI hacks that developers needed to do in the past and you get a responsive theme right out of the box, no custom code required. With the Page Designer, developers can make numerous changes to a page before having to save, compared to having to edit one item at a time in APEX 4.2. They can also easily undo their changes if they have not yet saved. The Page Designer allows you to select multiple page items and edit them simultaneously; you no longer have to make the same exact changes to each object that requires them. All of this equals more productivity!


#3 – Oracle APEX 5.0 looks better!

Again, with the addition of the Universal Theme, your applications just look better. The universal theme is responsive, so your applications will look great on virtually any screen without added effort. Modal dialogs are now included as a type of page and can greatly improve the workflow of an application. The components are more crisp and modern for a clean look and feel. Put all of this together and you get an upgraded user experience.


#4 – Stay supported with Oracle

APEX 4.2 premier support ends in October of 2017 – just a little over a year from now. If you want uninterrupted support, make the switch to APEX 5. Premier support runs through April of 2020. Keep in mind that APEX 5.0 requires a minimum Oracle Database version of or later. While the minimum version is 11.1, premier and extended support for 11.1 have both expired. So, if support is important to you, be sure to have release 11.2 (extended support through Dec 2020) or 12.1.


#5 – You’ll be ready for Oracle APEX 5.1!

A great reason to upgrade to Oracle APEX 5.0 is that you will be ready for all of the great new features coming your way with the release of APEX 5.1. These features include:

  • Interactive Grid
  • Oracle Jet charting
  • Master / Detail / Detail region wizard
  • Declarative Right-to-Left support
  • and over 100 other new features

Why should you upgrade to Oracle APEX 5.0?

Oracle APEX 5.0 is faster than 4.2; development in APEX 5.0 takes less time. Oracle APEX 5.0 looks better; you will stay supported, and you will be ready for all of the great features in Oracle APEX 5.1. Take APEX 5.0 for a spin in a free work space on apex.oracle.com or check out APEX 5.1 early adopter on apexea.oracle.com to get a sneak peak of all of the great features coming our way. You will be glad you did!

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