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Oracle APEX is chock full of feature-rich, native, declarative components. And the team at Oracle packs more of these into every new release.

But every once in a while, you’ll come across a need that hasn’t quite been met by a native component. And while your instinct might be to develop something yourself, WAIT!

Sometimes, you need look no further than the host of Oracle APEX Plug-ins developed over the years by the awesome community of developers.

In this post, we’re curating the Top Oracle APEX Plugins according to the Insum Team.

Before using any community-sourced plugin, it’s good to consider security, check reviews, when it was last updated, and what sort of support the developer might offer or make available.

Monty Latiolais, Insum Director of Business Development and Oracle ACE

APEX Signature

We’ll often find ourselves working on projects that require customer or end-user signatures.

This plugin, developed by Daniel Hochleitner, is my go-to plugin for these. It works for Oracle APEX versions 5 and above.

It is free to use and open source under MIT license.

If you’re looking for support for this plugin, the team at FOEX offer a commercial Plugin Support Package that is worth considering. Peter and Matt spoke to us about their plugins on a recent Insum Insider episode.

For more information about this plugin, click here.

Ramona Birsan, Oracle APEX Consultant, Insum

Pretius Nested Reports – Dynamic Action Plugin

The plugin is dynamic action plugin implementing nested reports within APEX Classic Reports, Interactive Reports and static HTML tables.

It’s a game changer for Master – Detail – Detail reports when you want to give users an easy way to go from a top level to deeper ones without initially overwhelming them with too much data.

Like the APEX Signature plugin, the Nested Reports plugin is free to use, but Pretius also offers a commercial Plugin support package.

To learn more or download the plugin, click here.

This plugin had several votes!

Louis Moreaux, APEX Consultant, Insum

APEX Material BI Dashboard – Region plugin by Ronny Weiss

It’s really hard to please everyone with a single dashboard! And giving end users to flexibility to configure and customize dashboards to meet their own needs can be a huge development challenge.

This plugin gives users a ton of flexibility to configure their own dashboards at run time, without involving the developer.

For more information and to download this plugin, click here.

This plugin is free to use and available under MIT license.

United Codes Context Menu – Dynamic Action Plugin

Do you find yourself adding multiple buttons within reports to provide quick links for users? This is great, but can quickly become cumbersome.

This plugin implements an APEX popup menu based on a defined APEX list. It can be attached to any HTML element and renders entries according to the authorization scheme result. Menu entries can be extended by overriding behavior, dynamically adding submenus, and by adding new entries.

For more information and to download this plugin, click here.

This plugin is available from United Codes.

Yussef Hassan Atta Abdo Motta, Ingeniero de Aplicaciones, Insum

Dropzone Region Plugin

Dropzone is a region type plugin that provides users with a nice UI for drag’n’drop file uploads. It’s great for when users have more than a single file to upload at a time.

This plugin is free to use under MIT license, and like the APEX Signature plugin, commercial support can be purchased from the team at FOEX.

For more information and to download this plugin, click here.

This plugin had several votes!

APEX Office Print

If you’re looking for a great way to output your Oracle APEX data to Office format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), look no further than APEX Office Print, aka AOP.

Design your templates with tools you know, map your data (or regions) to merge tags, configure your plugin and generate pixel perfect output.

AOP is a commercial product, and available for purchase and download here.

David Schleiss, Senior Oracle APEX Consultant, Insum

IG Checkbox Pro – United Codes

It works the way a checkbox should. Simply. 

This commercial plugin is a highly customizable checkbox item in your Interactive Grid. It can have up to three states: Null value, selected value, and unselected value. The appearance can be a normal HTML checkbox or any Font APEX icon.

For more information about this plugin, click here.

Angel Flores, Oracle APEX Consultant & Oracle ACE Associate, Insum

Date Range Picker – United Codes

With features like Min and Max dates, translation capabilities, globalization features and more, users can select date ranges using a date picker.

For more information about this plugin, click here.

Oracle APEX Plugin: Date Picker
Neelesh Shah, Senior Oracle APEX Consultant, Insum

Google Map Report: Region Plugin

Write a queryget a map! This plugin never disappoints.

Neelesh is a man of few words, but what more do you need?

For more information about this plugin, click here.

This plugin got several likes and mentions

Plamen Mushkov, Senior Oracle APEX Consultant, Insum

FOEX APEX Builder Extension

Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat, because it’s not exactly a plugin in the true Oracle APEX sense.

However, Plamen is a pretty smart guy, and he says:

I can’t imagine working without it anymore.

And if you follow Anton and Hayden’s Instant Tips, you’ll know that Stefan Dobre showed us it could fast track APEX Plugin development by providing some boilerplate code.

For more information and to download it, click here.

Michelle Skamene, Senior Oracle APEX Consultant & Producer @Insum Cinematic Universe

Time Zone Selector

If your application has to handle date/time fields, and your users span multiple time zones, or (even worse!), are in locations where time zones CHANGE (Daylight Savings, anyone?), this is one you really should consider.

And if you’re not convinced, watch this episode of APEX Instant Tips where Anton shows us how the Automatic Time Zone feature in APEX doesn’t quite work the way we’d like it to.

So? He fixed that for us with a plugin!

To learn more and download the plugin, click here.

Learn More about Oracle APEX Plug-ins

How to create an Oracle APEX plug-in

If you find yourself looking for a component that you simply can’t find elsewhere, and it’s something you think you’ll need to use over and over again, you might want to consider creating you own plugin.

Anton and Hayden invited Stefan Dobre to their APEX Instant Tips show, and he showed us how, with a few tips and tricks, you can create a (simple) Oracle APEX plugin in just 5 minutes.

AOP and United Codes Plug-ins

Dimitri Gielis joined Michelle and Monty on the Insum Insider to discuss the host of APEX-related products and services his company United Codes now offers.

The discussion covered the popular APEX Office Print (AOP), but also APEX Media Extension (AME), Plug-ins Pro, and APEX Project Eye.

Oracle APEX Plug-ins with the FOEX Team

Peter Raganitsch and Matt Nolan from FOEX joined Monty and Michelle on the Insum Insider, and discussed not only the great plugins on offer from the FOEX team, but also tooling and APEX extensibility in general.

If you’re looking for support for the FOEX plugins (or other open source plugins), you can look into their plugin support package here.

Obviously, there are loads more great plug-ins out there that people are passionate about.

What are your favourites? Share with us in the comments!

APEXionately yours,


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    • Ashish Sahay
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    My favorite is
    FOS – Download File(s) (20.2.0), Dynamic action
    File Upload and Image Editor by FOEX (20.1.0)

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