By: Lauren Prezby On: September 6, 2023 In: Cloud, Insum Life, Oracle Cloud Comments: 0
By: Michelle Skamene On: February 6, 2022 In: Oracle Cloud Comments: 0

A few tips and tricks if you're having email deliverability issues with your Oracle APEX Report subscriptions

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By: Luc Demanche On: September 16, 2019 In: Oracle Cloud Comments: 0

As a Cloud and DBA Practice Director, I get this question regularly. It’s something almost all IT Directors and CIOs will ask me. All of them have been told repeatedly that they need to go to the cloud. But of course, since they are the ones who are ultimately...

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By: Luc Demanche On: August 14, 2019 In: Oracle Cloud Comments: 0

Autonomous Database is Oracle’s flagship product. Does it hold promise for businesses currently using the Oracle database? Is it worth the upgrade? Will it make things better for those, like me, who administer Oracle Databases for a living? Oracle’s Autonomous Database launched about two years ago in 2 flavors....

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By: Sylvain Martel On: April 26, 2018 In: Oracle Cloud Comments: 0

Many companies are now planning some kind of migration to the cloud for their Enterprise Resource Planning systems. This is because there are many advantages to getting your ERP on a Cloud infrastructure.

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