What are 2 Benefits of Oracle APEX?

The Insum Team Weighs in on Oracle APEX

Curiosity led us to ask our Insum team members to share their two favorite features of Oracle APEX, anticipating a common thread among their choices. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a classic Cheese Pizza? (Bear with us; this analogy will come full circle.) As a company with over two decades of experience in application development, we expected our team’s answers to match the familiar highlights outlined in our introductory ‘What is Oracle APEX’ post. To our surprise, the variety in responses served as a testament to APEX’s vast capabilities and robustness. From its unparalleled speed in development to its comprehensive security measures, the array of benefits mentioned by our APEX experts underscores the platform’s dynamic nature. 

Just as the perfect pizza is more than just its base, the true flavor comes from each chef’s unique combination of toppings. In the same way, as we delve into the insights from our team of APEX Developers, we uncover a variety of APEX features that extend beyond the foundation of rapid development and intuitive design. Each team member brings their own ‘toppings’ to the APEX ‘pizza,’ adding flavor and texture that reveal the platform’s extensive range. Let’s dive into these personal recipes for success and discover why the possibilities are as varied and satisfying as your favorite pizza pie when it comes to Oracle APEX.

What do you like on your pizza, umm I mean what do you like best about APEX? 

Rapid Development and Deployment

“The biggest advantage of APEX for me is the speed at which I can take an application from concept to deployment. It’s unmatched in the industry.” 

“APEX’s low-code approach cuts down development time significantly, which is a game-changer for meeting tight deadlines.” 

User-Friendly Interface

“As someone new to the field, APEX’s intuitive interface made it easier for me to start building applications right away.” 

“The drag-and-drop features and easy-to-navigate layout in APEX simplify complex tasks.” 

Scalability and Integration with Oracle Database

“I am confident about the security of our applications with APEX. They do a great job adding features and updates from Oracle.” 

“Leveraging existing Oracle infrastructure with APEX for application development is highly efficient.” 

Enhanced Security

“The fact that APEX comes with Oracle Database at no extra cost is a major advantage.” 

“Reducing the need for additional tools or resources, APEX is a cost-efficient solution for our development needs.” 


“APEX’s seamless integration with Oracle databases means that our clients can scale applications with the growing data needs of their business.” 

“The built-in security features in APEX save clients from alot of potential vulnerabilities.” 

Strong Community Support

“Whenever I face a challenge, the APEX community is there with answers and support.” 

“The wealth of resources available from the APEX community is invaluable for continuous learning and improvement.” 

The diversity in the responses from our team underscores the benefits of Oracle APEX. From speed to security, APEX stands out as a comprehensive solution for modern application development. It is with these insights from our team members that not only highlight the versatility of APEX but also its ability to meet various needs and challenges in the fast-paced world of tech. 

As we wrap up our APEX revelations, it’s evident that trying to pin down just two favorite features within our seasoned Insum team is like trying to choose the best pizza topping – everyone has their preference, and they’re all delicious. Oracle APEX, with its smorgasbord of capabilities, continues to be the secret sauce (or cheese, veggie, meat) in our development Pizza, blending innovation with efficiency. As APEX continues to update and upgrade let’s keep cooking up success with APEX, one application at a time – extra toppings and all! 

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