About APEXcl

Developed by Insum, APEXcl is a command line utility that allows you to extract an APEX application and lay it on your file system repository in a clear, logical and hierarchical way.

It came about in order to help developers who were struggling with using APEX alongside traditional version control tools, and who were looking for a powerful tool to help them with code reviews.

Used by developers and development teams

Since 2019, APEXcl has been used by Insum consultants and Oracle APEX development teams around the world as part of their project delivery life cycle.

The ability to easily perform code reviews for APEX development work has always been a challenge, and we’ve been grateful to have had the opportunity to help bridge that gap.

APEXcl Statement of Direction

At Insum, we continue to use APEXcl to do our best work and to deliver quality solutions to our clients. However, in light of the Oracle APEX team’s decision to include integration with cloud-based and on-prem source code control and CI/CD pipeline automation in the APEX Roadmap, we have decided to phase out continued work on this tool.

On October 29th, 2021, APEXcl Cloud will no longer be supported.

APEXcl (On Prem) currently supports APEX versions up to 20.2.

If you are an existing user of APEXcl and need support for a version beyond 20.2, please reach out using the contact form.

Looking for APEXcl?

Please do reach out to us if you are looking for APEXcl, or have questions about future availability and version support.

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