Moving your EBS Extensions into EBS R12.2

Time is running out for EBS 12.1

The deadline for EBS 12.1 premier support is December  2021. After that date, Oracle will only provide “Sustaining Support”, which offers limited maintenance and no access to new patches, fixes, or updates. This upgrade can be complex and represent a significant part of your IT time and budget as it is EBS’s most technically complex to date. Such a transition is usually a 6 to 9-month project and can represent a very tall order if you factor in that your production work must continue while the deadline for the upgrade approaches. If your organization is now moving to version R12.2, we can help you simplify and accelerate the process of bringing your EBS Extensions and Customizations into EBS R12.2, thanks to Oracle APEX.

Need help?

With experienced, high-level staff and developmental expertise in PL/SQL and APEX, we can:

  • Help you review your extensions and make clear recommendations on what to move
  • Create new APEX applications, or update your Oracle Forms/Reports applications
  • Enhance your staff’s skill and knowledge by instilling best practices in development while guiding them through the project.
  • Provide project management ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery

APEX provides several technical, functional, and organizational benefits

Technical benefits

APEX applications support online patching

APEX enables you to merge different sources of information in your organization

Organizational benefits

Reuses EBS development team skillsets as APEX is PL/SQL based

Simplifies EBS extension development thanks to its low code development environment

Migrate Discoverer reports to APEX. Offers feature-rich reporting capabilities

Functional benefits

Improve availability of information

Increase user’s efficiency

Expedite multi-step processes

APEX is fully supported by Oracle

Strong internal support at Oracle -Tens of thousands of APEX users within Oracle Corporation, with almost every line of business using it in some fashion. Senior Director of Software Development at Oracle Joel Kallman describes APEX’s popularity within Oracle in this video from Oracle Open World in 2019.

 Strong online community around APEX- Described by Oracle as “One of the most vibrant, global, and growing communities Oracle has to offer

Close collaboration between Oracle EBS and Oracle APEX product teams- to ensure all aspects of extending EBS with APEX are fully supported, including architecture and security considerations. See Oracle’s white paper on the subject of EBS extensions using APEX.

APEX has what your team needs for a successful transition

  • Based on PL/SQL and declarative
  • Low Code Development (unlike OAF and ADF)
  • Mobile ready
  • Decoupled from EBS
  • Cloud-ready
  • Integrates with external applications exposing SOAP or RESTful services.

Reach out to us, whether you need to

  • Retrofit your customization code to suit R12.2
  • Take advantage of APEX to build out R12.2 compliant applications to suit new business processes
  • Replace existing applications outside EBS

The deadline to move your customizations/extensions to R12.2 is fast approaching. Don’t delay!

Need help with your R12.2 upgrade? Get in touch!

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