Large retailer sold on APEX extensions for E-Business Suite

This large multinational consumer electronics retailer has over one thousand stores and ten thousand employees across North America. Its mission is to enrich lives through technology, thanks to its unique combination of tech expertise and human touch.


The client needed to facilitate the execution of several Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) functions related to returns to a manufacturer for repairs. The staff executing these tasks were primarily part-time employees or students working in a time-pressured environment. Issues included:
• Software not adapted to consumer goods processing.
• Young users navigating multiple complex legacy screens.
• High probability of error
• Slowdown of customer service


• Create a user-friendly application that interfaces with EBS while minimizing training.
• Increase validation on data entry
• Increase final transaction accuracy
• Speed up and improve overall customer experience


With Insum's help, the retailer's MRP team designed custom extensions for their system. Insum built mobile-ready custom APEX applications which interfaced easily with E-Business Suite.

Using tablets to execute the transactions such as purchase order receipts, inventory movements, and physical inventory counts expedites the execution for each transaction and relieves users from having to understand EBS complex rules.

Thanks to Insum's Handshake for E-Business Suite, client administrators and developers have a straightforward and painless way to seamlessly integrate EBS and pages developed in APEX, making business processes more efficient.


Large Retailer


  • Oracle EBS

  • Oracle APEX and its tools

  • Handshake for E-Business Suite

Handshake for EBS

Insum Handshake for EBS is an E-Business Suite to APEX integration package that ensures a seamless connection, recreating the EBS context inside APEX. Designed to accelerate APEX development in the context of E-Business Suite, it stems from our experiences on multiple development projects and fully complies with EBS development standards.

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