Federal Agency delighted with its APEX Forms modernization

This Canadian federal agency’s mission is to advance the knowledge of science and ensure that science and technology provide social and economic benefits for its country.


The agency’s aging Forms applications needed to be rewritten
to web-based Oracle APEX.


• Improve infrastructure
• Improve UI while keeping original layout
• APEX application training and support
• Deliver on time and on budget


At the end of the project, approximately 250 Forms applications of all levels of complexity had been changed over to APEX over the course of four distinct migrations.

• Applications included employee security management, project management, and internal training requests.
• APEX’s Universal Theme was used exclusively and greatly appreciated
• Reports were developed in AOP (APEX Office Print)


“Insum has allowed us to get off to a good start with APEX by putting in place the necessary infrastructure and training resources. Insum also participated in the first development project which allowed to give an application for reference to the budding APEX developers at their beginning with this technology.”

IT Manager
– Federal Agency




  • Oracle APEX, and its tools
  • Interactive Reports
  • Apex Offce Print (AOP)


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