We’re all in on Oracle APEX since 2004

Insum was founded back in 2002, ’round about the same time Oracle APEX inventors Mike Hichwa and Joel Kallman may have been putting the finishing touches on what would soon become HTMLDB, the first iteration of APEX.

And as soon as our founders Francis and Michel experienced it first-hand, they were all in and never looked back.

Insum has grown out of a passion for all things Oracle and specifically Oracle APEX. From a tiny consultancy based out of Montreal, Insum has grown to almost 100 employees worldwide, delivering innovative, feature-rich quality solutions with Oracle APEX.

Although we’ve evolved significantly over the years, one thing hasn’t, and that is our focus on APEX. It’s our bread and butter, and our clients benefit from decades worth of combined experience with the platform.

Global presence

With Oracle APEX consultants worldwide, we can help you with your projects no matter where they land.

From Latin America, Canada & the USA, Europe, North Africa, and even India and Singapore, we can cover most of the globe.

This can benefit your project in more ways than one.

Imagine signing off at the end of the day, having logged a development item or issue, and waking up to find it resolved in the morning. We call these our ‘night fairies’, and some of our clients refer to them as their version of the shoemaker’s elves. They get the work done while many of us are sleeping!

We aren’t spinning tales here, either. A handover to a team across the globe can make a project move faster when time is of the essence. We’ve seen it work successfully on recent large-scale projects, and we look forward to leveraging this model more and more.

And while English, French, and Spanish are the languages we do business in regularly, we can easily cover ten others with our varied pool of talent. Que Bueno!

You might be in the market for an Oracle specialist or Oracle APEX expert. And thankfully, with Oracle APEX’s increasing popularity as a low-code, enterprise development platform, you’re probably in luck!

Just a few short years ago, it could be quite the challenge to find and hire the right resource. But based on the number of Oracle APEX workspaces requested at apex.oracle.com (500,000+!), developers abound.

And while it’s getting easier to find Oracle APEX resources, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of looking for the least expensive resource out there. This can end up costing you time and money over the long term, not to mention possibly compromise your applications data security and integrity.

So why should you consider working with Insum for your next project? Read on to find out some of the many ways we’re more than just a bunch of Oracle APEX developers.




Number 3: Certified & experienced

Ask Pierre, our VP Operations, how many certifications we have on our team, and he’ll proudly whip out his ‘Insum Certification Tracker’ that gets updated on an almost weekly basis. We stand by what we say when we state that we are Oracle Specialists and APEX experts, and we’ve got the badges to prove it 🙂

At last count, we have 20 Oracle certified APEX professionals, 5 Oracle certified OCI Associates/Professionals/Architects, 1 Oracle certified Machine Learning specialist, 2 Oracle PL/SQ Developer Certified Associates, 3 Oracle Database SQL Certified Experts, and counting.

What does this mean for you?

Our certifications don’t just look pretty in our email signatures. They mean that you’re getting the ‘crème de la crème’ when it comes to Oracle and Oracle APEX knowledge and experience, and we know our tools and platforms inside out.

Number 4: Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors

What does it mean to be an Oracle ACE?

An Oracle ACE has basically been given permission by Oracle to put logos next to their name because of their contributions not just to the platform itself, but also in sharing that knowledge with others via various means including public speaking events, blogging, or writing books.

We’ve got 9 ACEs (including 1 Director) at Insum, and we think that’s pretty cool.

One needs to work pretty hard earn ACE status, and once earned, you need to keep at it. These guys have spent years sharing their knowledge with the community, writing books, blogs, white-papers and presenting at events. There is no doubt our clients benefit from the world-class knowledge they possess and also share with their colleagues on a daily basis.

Number 5: We’re all about collaboration & learning

Here at Insum, we love to share what we’ve learned and help others in the community. We’re very active on Twitter, Oracle APEX forums and other social media outlets. We even do our own live shows we stream to YouTube.

Internally, we run our own Insum Academy, so our consultants are always picking up new skills. And with weekly TechnoScrums, regular TechnoLunches, hackathons and more, our developers are always challenging each other and sharing newly acquired skills and knowledge.

And when a particularly piece of code or practice is just that good, it might make it into the Insum Toolkit, which helps our clients be even more successful, faster.

Number 7: Security experts

Your data is your bread and butter, and nobody understands how important it is for you to keep it secure than we do.

That’s why many of our consultants are specialists in the latest security features provided by Oracle and Oracle APEX.

We use best practices, tools and years of experience working with sensitive data of all sorts to ensure your data is safe. Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, item protection, access control, VPD, RAS, encryption and more, we’ve got you covered.

(links to posts on security, etc)

Number 8: World-renowned PL/SQL expertise

If you’re doing any significant work with Oracle APEX, beyond pure spreadsheet replacement or ‘Form and Report on Table’, you’re gonna need PL/SQL.

And guess what? We’ve got a world-renowned PL/SQL expert in our team, Steven Feuerstein. A strong advocate of best practices and standards, Steven Feuerstein is a well-known author and speaker on all things Oracle and PL/SQL related.

Steven also leads our teach lead team, and works closely with our consultants doing next level code review. He makes sure we’re always doing our best work possible when it comes to leveraging the power of the Oracle database, and is hard at work developing ‘Insum standards’ our consultants get to use in their projects, like Insum Debug and Insum Mail.

If anybody gets stuck for even a bit, they know exactly who to turn to for help. And that means our clients get a solid code base they can feel good about.

Number 9: Oracle Forms Modernization Practice

Keny Colina heads up our Oracle Forms Modernization practice. And with hundreds of Forms conversions/migrations under its belt, our team has developed a methodology that is second to none. Whether it’s a simple upgrade, a lift to the cloud, a hybrid solution or a full migration away from Forms, we’ve done it. Our dedicated team of experts have helped many organizations successfully modernize their Oracle Forms applications into responsive web apps.

Many of our consultants started off their careers as Oracle Forms developers, and as such understand the challenges with modernization projects. With proprietary tooling (InForms) and years of experience and large-scale projects successfully completed, don’t trust your Oracle Forms modernization to anybody else.

Number 10: Cloud and DBA Practice

With Oracle ACEs Luc Demanche and Adrian Png at its core, and several Oracle certified OCI experts on the team, our clients can rest easy knowing they’ve got a best in class team to ensure business continuity, infrastructure and architecture recommendations, monitoring, security and overall Oracle database management, whether on-prem or Cloud.

And if you’re one of the many businesses looking for help and support with a move to the Cloud, they’re here to help you do it right with your own custom Cloud Journey Roadmap.

Number 11: Focus on Innovation

We’ve been working with Oracle APEX for a long time. And we’re still as excited about it as ever!

Our very own InsumLabs ensures we keep up to date with the latest trends and emerging tech, and our consultants are encouraged to develop and/contribute to popular open-source projects such as Insum APEX Pro, Starter Template, Flows for APEX, and many more.

This means we’ve always growing the skills and knowledge we need to help our clients tackle their business problems in leading-edge ways. Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, and more, we’re skilling up so you don’t have to.

Number 12: Test automation

(Talk about Hayden and Cypress Test automation expertise. Links to blog posts and videos)

Number 13: Oracle APEX Extension

(talk about AOP, Flows for APEX, etc)


Our team is easily accessible for all other aspects of a project, such as architecture reviews or best practices, and we’re happy to provide recommendations and advice along the way–before, during and after implementation.

A certified consultant isn’t just someone who can answer questions about what an authid is , but can dole out valuable advice on how you can use authid s to meet your needs .

With Insum, we’re more than just a bunch of Oracle APEX experts and consultants!


You know that saying you get what you pay for? Work with world class enterprise consulting, Insum is more than just a bunch of Oracle APEX experts and consultants.

We partner with our clients and develop long-lasting relationships. We’re no fly by night operation.