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It’s time for the Insum Collaborate18 wrap-up

Our APEX experts were at OAUG’s premiere event from April 22nd to April 28th. According to all present it was, in many ways, our most successful Collaborate participation yet, garnering more interest in Oracle APEX than we’d seen in previous years.

To everyone’s delight, our newly updated Insum booth received a  constant flow of people. Users wanted to know how APEX helps solve problems in Oracle Forms, Oracle Discoverer,  and, of course, E-business Suite (EBS).

Our experts shared their experience of the event

Francis Mignault

This year Collaborate was a very busy conference for me. I was speaking for IOUG and OAUG.

On the OAUG Apps side of the house, it was all about EBS and Oracle Application Express alias APEX. As my colleagues testified, we are definitely seeing a trend with the adoption of APEX to extend E-Business suite. There was also a lot of interest in Monty’s session about automagically migrating Discoverer reports.

On the IOUG side of the house, there was very high interest in my session about using Oracle APEX to extend and modernize Oracle Forms. There are still a lot of Oracle Forms in use in companies and we understand that it is not always easy to replace or modernize. But knowing that when you have an Oracle Forms installation, you automatically have Oracle APEX included, opened a lot of eyes with all the new possibilities this offers. If you have Oracle Forms and would like to create dashboards, web services, mobile applications, calendars, interactive reports, etc. You can do all of this today!

As usual, networking and meeting with old friends is always part of the collaboration collaborate brings.

Overall I had a great time in Vegas and on top of it, I got to see the Golden Knights win their first game against the Sharks.

What more can I ask for ? Go Vegas!

Collaborate18 Wrap up Sylvain Martel Las Vegas Knight

Sylvain Martel

From my perspective as a 4th-year Insum participant, it seems like Collaborate is getting better every year.  The number of sessions that this conference put together (1,200 in total) is astonishing!  I found myself wishing I had 40 hours a day to attend all the sessions I wanted to see…
More specifically from an APEX point of view, I’ve witnessed first-hand the rapid evolution of this development platform’s adoption in the context of EBS. I can say this year confirmed the trend. There were 21 sessions dedicated to APEX. This indicates a steady interest and usage of this framework to complement your favorite ERP!  The OAUG “APEX in EBS” SIG session and my APEX Mobile sessions were full houses, with a lot of enthusiasm from everyone attending.
Chad Johnson, John Peters and Alfredo Abate (to name a few) presented once again this year. They pleased the crowd with their knowledge and their ability to share their experiences.
While we were at the exhibition hall booth, I met some old friends but also a lot of new people that are going forward with APEX to satisfy different business processes or specific functions.  Mobile applications seemed a hot topic amongst attendees and we were able to show that APEX can easily satisfy their needs. 
APEX has proven once again this year that it is growing its fan base.  We will see you for more APEX again next year in San Antonio!

Christopher Jackson

As a first-time attendee of Collaborate, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this big Las Vegas conference. As it turns out, Collaborate18 provided a wealth of opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking. One big takeaway was the fact that APEX is rapidly gaining in visibility outside of the APEX community. The proof: not only were there many well-attended APEX-focused sessions, additionally, numerous professionals came to the Insum booth seeking to edify their own APEX knowledge and to get assistance increasing the use of APEX in their organizations.

Between the enthusiastic support of the APEX sessions and the rich interaction among colleagues, partners, and clients (current and future), Collaborate18 was a truly unforgettable event.

Jocelyn Coté

For my first COLLABORATE experience, I was pleasantly surprised at how well APEX is established as an EBS solution for CEMLI extensions. Since Oracle’s white paper release, APEX is considered a natural choice solution in the TechApps community and it’s popularity continues to increase. It’s primordial for INSUM to maintain Its presence at COLLABORATE as both an APEX expert and leader.

Monty Latiolais

Wow! This was the strongest conference I have experienced as a representative of Insum Solutions.
I say this for three reasons…
First, visitors came to the Insum booth with prior knowledge of APEX. This is huge because at a conference like Collaborate you see a fair amount of functional types. We’ve always been strongest among the technical crowd.  This is evidenced by events like KScope.  However, having functional users seek us out is an extremely positive sign.
Second, we had more sessions than in years’ past. What’s more, sessions were very well attended – even the early morning ones. Considering the temptations Las Vegas provides, strong session attendance tells us we’re doing something right!
 And third, the leads we accumulated represent large companies with “shovel ready” projects. We love training and the smaller engagements because it provides a way for us to get to know the customer and for the customer to get to know us. But when you have Fortune 500 companies coming and asking for immediate help…well, that’s about as good as it gets.
A big thank you to OAUG, IOUG and Quest for a great conference. We’ll see you next year in San Antonio, at Collaborate19!
Collaborate18 Go Knights! Insum

Onward from Collaborate18 to Kscope18

 And there you have it, our Insum collaborate18 Wrap-up. If you didn’t make it to Las Vegas, you can catch up with us and learn more about the possibilities of Oracle APEX in Orlando Florida at KScope18. Note that an advanced registration (till May 27th) will save you $300. Use the “Insum” discount code and save an additional $100!
Want to learn more about using APEX? Contact us!
Hope to see you soon!
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