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This week on APEX Instant Tips, Hayden is at the helm as Anton is on vacation (but no doubt watching the show anyway). Hayden’s guest is Michelle, who brings a challenge based on a problem she encountered in a customer order scenario.

Using the Wizard, Michelle created a form and report on the customer table. When attempting to add a region to the details page, the customer name field goes blank, even if the code says it is there. Somehow, the Item is no longer in session state. Strangest of all, it used to work normally. What happened?

Hayden helps solve her issue thanks to a tip he learned from Dietmar Aust during a “golden nuggets” presentation at a 2019 conference. Ah, the power of in-person events…

Hayden also provides a creepy quiz at the end of the episode to ensure there is some element of discomfort in an otherwise enjoyable Instant Tips.

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