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It should come as no surprise that we love Oracle APEX at Insum. We see time and again how organizations profit from this powerful tool.  It enables them to quickly build and deploy reliable applications, providing extremely attractive ROI compared to traditional application development.

One area where we’ve really seen APEX grow in popularity is with building Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) extensions. Of course, for those familiar with Oracle APEX and EBS, it’s not hard to see why; APEX provides an effective and economical way to enhance EBS functionality with little to no impact to existing installations. Moreover, it provides rich user interfaces through stand-alone or fully integrated applications. Even better, using APEX to move customizations out of EBS simplifies future upgrading and patching.


Due to the demand for more information, over the past year, we’ve been sharing a lot more about using APEX with EBS. We’ve blogged about the top reasons organizations choose APEX for building EBS extensions, about the types of extensions you can build with APEX, and we’ve spoken at conferences and produced webinars showing how it can be done. If you want a “single source” overview of the material we’ve produced, then please download our EBS-APEX technical brief to learn more.

However, people are busy. They see the value in using APEX to build EBS extensions and want to explore further. But they simply don’t have time. Well, if that describes you and your organization, you’ll be happy to know we’ve made it easier than ever to get going.

Oracle APEX and EBS are naturally attuned to easily create EBS extensions

Oracle EBS & APEX Up and Running Package

We’ve developed an EBS & APEX Up and Running Package designed specifically to help organizations quickly get started with developing EBS extensions using APEX.  Delivered remotely or onsite, the package contains everything an organization needs to begin EBS-APEX development. It includes installation and setup guidance, preconfigured integration packages, starter application templates, and APEX development coaching.

You can download a more detailed description of the Up and Running package below.  And, please feel free to contact our EBS-APEX Practice Director, Sylvain Martel, if you have any further questions.

Learn more about the EBS-APEX Package

Finally, if you’d like a quick introduction to this technology and how it applies to EBS I recommend you watch the video of my webinar “APEX Integration with EBS First Steps”

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