Insum Kscope21 Virtual Event Round Up
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We’re proud to be sponsoring and presenting once again at Kscope21 this year.

Like all of us, ODTUG has faced stiff challenges in 2020-2021 due to COVID-19. Yet despite the hardship, Kscope21 has been reimagined and is on! Remodeled to a virtual format, it still boasts the great variety and depth of presentations and activities we’ve come to expect from ODTUG.

Earlier this year, we got to speak to content chairs Jackie McIlroy, Helen Sanders, and Karen Cannell, who gave us an inside look at this year’s preparations. See the recording of Insum Insider: Looking ahead to KScope21 Virtual Event.

And as Bronze Sponsors and APEX Track sponsors, we’re also bringing our talents into the mix. Here below is a rundown of our Kscope21 presenters and their presentations.

Hope to see you there!

Insum Vendor Presentation

June 22 1:40 – 2:20 EDT (UTC-4)

Individual presentations

If you have been scheduling DBMS jobs to call external scripts or creating REST services for executing code outside of PL/SQL, then this session is for you. Take a quick dive into the world of Serveless Computing and discover the power of Oracle Functions for performing specialized data processing tasks like ETLs and image processing using best-of-breed programming languages. Learn how to operationalize and invoke serverless code using REST API calls in your favorite web development platforms.

A manager arrives at work, checks his morning email, and sees errors that occurred in production. Fortunately, the software developer has already been working hard to resolve the issues thanks to the error descriptions provided in the email messages. We’ll look at one of these example emails and learn how the developer utilizes this information to resolve the bugs. Then, let’s deep dive into APEX’s error handling function, and examine specific code segments used in error handling tasks.

This presentation will also include web resources the audience can use to understand further how to modify the APEX error handling function.

The new APEX data generation feature is not just for APEX; it’s for anyone that needs good sample data quickly. Sample data is critical for demos and testing. The APEX data generator allows you to define the data you need and then pulls data from its own built-in data sources or from data sources that you define.

This session will rapidly explore the features of the APEX Data Generator from basic single table built-in data to complicated formulas and user-defined data sources, data output formats, delimited and json multi-value columns, and many more features.

This session, co-presented with Adrian Png, will walk through the detailed steps of how we solved a typical machine learning problem—predicting SaaS customer churn in order to take remedial action in time—using Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Machine Learning, and Oracle APEX.

Join us and you will learn how to:
• Use Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks to build, evaluate, select, and apply multiple machine learning models that run entirely inside the Oracle Database.
• Build an APEX application to view and interrogate insights and predictions about customers.

If you’re attending, come by our virtual booth and chat with us. Be sure to check our conference bag for Insum’s daily fun!


Would you like to register to attend Kscope21? Follow this link.

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