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Oracle APEX 23.1 is now available in OCI and on-premises!

We’re taking a light-hearted journey through the newest features, and sharing some of our team’s thoughts about the updates. For a deeper dive, check out Oracle’s post with all the details of the latest Oracle APEX release.

Template Components Unleashed

Say goodbye to the days of yore, when building UI components felt like a drag. With APEX 23.1’s Template Components, it’s as if the APEX team waved a magic wand and granted all our UI wishes. Now we can make re-usable components while sitting on the couch with our cat. Not only can we render them as standalone regions or within reports, but we also have support for actions, menus, and custom attributes. That’s some serious sorcery.

  • Template Components in APEX 23.1 offer a streamlined approach for creating highly customizable UI components while preserving the advantages of a declarative, low-code interface. It empowers developers to create powerful, versatile, and reusable elements that not only improve development speed but also enhance the user experience. I particularly love the ability share Template Components, which means they can be re-used by many projects. Who knows, we might soon see a collaborative effort where we all contribute to a library of UI elements.
    – Michelle Skamene, Oracle ACE and Insum VP
  • This feature is like region plug-ins on steroids, I like it so much!!
    – Louis Moreaux, Oracle ACE and Insum Oracle APEX Consultant
  • To me, the most important ones are the distinction between Partial and Report Templates, the ability to set Actions in the Builder and not in the Template directly (which is vital for s reusable component), auto-discovery of the Placeholders and creating Attributes out of it.
    – Plamen, Oracle ACE and Insum Oracle APEX Consultant

PWA Push Notifications: The Party Animals of APEX 23.1


Low code push notifications are like the party animals that show up with a single switch. These notifications know how to have fun, whether they’re on desktop or mobile, keeping users in the loop with messages, icons, and links. Easy subscription? Check. Manageable queue of notifications? Check. It’s the feature that will have you shouting, “Notification Nation!”

  • I have already implemented the Push notifications in one of my personal apps on apex.oracle.com. Setup is very quick, straightforward and it works wonderfully. This new feature solves a problem for one of our clients, which we were trying to solve with third party APIs but will start using the native one now. Push notifications are available for all major browsers and operating systems (including iOS and Safari)
    – Plamen

Developer Experience

Making Object Browsers Cool Again

APEX 23.1 has made the once-mundane Object Browser the new cool kid on the block. With its modernized design, it now has an enhanced editing experience, improved performance, and accessibility. This souped-up Object Browser is so smooth, it should come with sunglasses and a leather jacket.

Page Processing Improvements: The Real Behind-The-Scenes Heroes

These improvements have got your back like a reliable sidekick. With the new Page Process Type – Execution Chains, you can keep your page processes organized and under control. Now you can monitor and report on running background executions, making your life as an APEX developer much more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Background processes and execution chains are a significant enhancement, especially for enterprise-level applications. Gone are the days of being held hostage by a long-running process that prevents page usage until completion. With background processing, APEX manages the execution while the user can keep working in the page. Processes are added to a queue, and notifications are sent as soon as they finish. Ordering processes is now possible, ensuring that a quick process does not begin before a long one has finished, if necessary. Additionally, it is all declarative, with a visual marker in the Builder for easy management. Furthermore, the number of concurrently running background processes can be configured at both the Workspace and Application levels, preventing any database overload.
    – Plamen
  • The background processes are great! In the past I would dynamically create jobs that auto drop.
    – Reginald Horacius, Insum Oracle APEX Consultant

REST Data Source Enhancements: Making REST Easy

With REST Data Source Enhancements, your APEX applications will be so chill, they’ll feel like they’re taking a vacation on a sunny beach. Now you can invoke API for REST Sources, discover them with Swagger/OpenAPI, and enjoy the added flexibility of Raw Selectors.

  • Invoke API for REST Data Sources makes it a lot more easier to use them. Now fully declarative, it automatically detects the IN and OUT parameters of the REST Data Source you select. A new section (Parameters) allows developers to map the params to existing page items (or ignore them – valid for the OUT parameters only). Not that it wasn’t possible before, using APEX_WEB_SERVICE.MAKE_REST_REQUEST procedure, but it’s always good when you can use a declarative option.
    – Plamen

General Builder Improvements: Effortless App Construction

APEX 23.1 isn’t done surprising us just yet. With General Builder Improvements, you can now copy pages from Create App, save and run pages from Code Editor, and access context-sensitive help. Meanwhile, the Property Graph Support will make you feel like you’ve unlocked a secret level in your favorite video game, with native support for Property Graphs in Database 23c.

  • The new ‘Save and Run from Code Editor” feature is amazing when you’re working with a client/project that requires you to be constantly making flashier interactive reports/grids with added functionalities and therefore you need to be constantly playing around with the source SQL. Being able to instantly run your changes from the code editor may seem like a minor change, but the impact in productivity is actually huge. Can’t see myself going back to previous versions without this feature
    – Eduardo Diaz, Insum APEX Consultant

APEX Approvals: Tackling Due Dates with Style

The Approvals component in APEX 23.1 decided it’s time to get serious, and with the new due date feature, it’s doing just that. Keep your approval tasks on track by specifying due dates when creating them. This might be the only time where “due” and “fun” rhyme perfectly.

Universal Theme and UX Improvements: Strutting Down the Runway

APEX 23.1’s Universal Theme is ready to take the stage and show off its new look. With updated Template Components, improved icon fidelity, and enhanced Region Display Selector, the Universal Theme has never been more fashionable. It’s like your APEX apps just got a makeover from a top stylist.

Ready to Upgrade Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX 23.1 has just officially been released and it might leave you thinking about an Oracle APEX upgrade in the near future. If so, you don’t want to miss Insum’s own Louis Moreaux, whose popular ‘Monday Tips for Oracle APEX’ recently covered the topic of upgrading.

Check out the Twitter thread here, along with important contributions from the Oracle APEX community about things to do when undertaking an Oracle APEX upgrade.

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