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Extended support for Oracle Discoverer ended over a year and a half ago, in June 2017. Enterprises using this once premier ad hoc reporting software are hearing the clock tick louder than ever. This is because, without further upgrades or support, Discoverer could become prey to bugs, end up incompatible with web browsers (or even worse), or become an all-out security risk for the company running it. Where will companies turn for a credible Oracle Discoverer Replacement? For its part, Oracle recommends OBIEE, which many customers haven’t been keen to adopt.

There’s Another Oracle Alternative

Seems like for years now, many third-party vendors have been pounding out the same message: Discoverer users have 3 choices. They can go with the costly Oracle OBIEE, Choose a 3rd party replacement or keep going it alone with Discoverer.

Well, there’s been a 4th choice all along. Furthermore, it is a supported Oracle Platform, embedded in the Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express (APEX), better known as a Rapid Application Development platform, happens to house a remarkably powerful reporting module called interactive report. Basically free because it is already covered under the Oracle Database license, APEX provides users with a safe, stable yet flexible environment in which to display their data.

Using APEX, in-house developers with PL/SQL skills can quickly develop reports modeled on their Discoverer reports.  They can also create user profiles and set them up according to the data each user should have access too. Users, in turn, can safely and easily modify them within predefined boundaries. For example, users can apply filters, show or hide columns or re-order them. The much more modern Oracle APEX also gives users a staggering amount of presentation options.

Oracle Discoverer Replacement

Insum has implemented solutions to automate a move from Discoverer to APEX. Learn more. Contact Us!

Want to learn more about Oracle APEX? Start here! 




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