Our 2019 Fall Webinar Series
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Just as back-to-business time has rolled around once again, We’re proud to present our 2019 Fall Webinar series. These sessions were presented at various 2019 conferences, including Collaborate19, Kscope19, and UTOUG. So, if you didn’t attend these events this is an ideal occasion for you to catch up on some highly interesting subjects! The wide range of topics includes APEX basics, Oracle Database, Cloud Migration and more.

2019 Fall Webinar Series Schedule:

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18th: Jorge Rimblas Presents Maze Runner, the Cure for APEX Confusion. Just getting started with APEX and feeling lost as to how to advance? Learn everything that relates to the APEX ecosystem—from learning, plug-ins, resources, where to find help, documentation, like-minded individuals, and more. See the video of Maze Runner, the Cure for APEX Confusion

25th: Adrian Png Presents Who’s who in APEX. This session covers the fundamentals of managing access to APEX applications and components. Learn about modern frameworks like OAuth2, SAML2, SCIM & more! See the video of Who’s who in APEX.


16th David Schleis Presents PinkDB and APEX: Hittin’ the Low Code Road. PinkDB means doing work in the DB with the principle of least privilege. An unnatural fit for Oracle APEX. But, add some Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler and it fits fine. See the video of PinkDB and APEX: Hittin’ the Low Code Road

23rd: Luc Demanche Presents Wheels Up: A Case Study of Moving an Airline into the Cloud. Follow a Canadian airline’s crew planning application’s migration to OCI Cloud for improved agility and flexibility. (Video not available, but we do have the case study!)


Vincent Morneau Presents An introduction to React in APEX. You’ve heard how great React is. but is it viable in APEX? Very much so. This is why you need to see this video! See the video of An Introduction to React in APEX

Jorge Rimblas Presents Practical Dynamic Actions in APEX. Learn the basics of Dynamic Actions and then see as many real-life examples as can be stuffed into this highly informative session. See the video of Practical Dynamic Actions in APEX

Jeff Eberhard Presents 20+ Declarative APEX Settings you Didn’t Know (or forgot) Existed. APEX is described as a “declarative” development tool. The declarative features of APEX let the developer worry more about “what to do” and less on “how to do it”. So, Let’s discover several declarative settings that may be underutilized or often unknown. See the Video of 20+  Declarative APEX Settings you Didn’t Know (or forgot) Existed!



Richard Soule Presents Demystifying Edition Based Redefinition, A plain-language Deep Dive on Edition-Based Redefinition. EBR allows live updates to production systems with zero downtime. See the video of Demystifying Edition Based Redefinition

Hayden Hudson Presents Advanced APEX UI Test Automation with Cypress. He’ll teach you how to get started with Cypress and then how to apply it to APEX with some specific tips. See the video of Advanced APEX UI Test Automation with Cypress

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