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In our last blog about 5 Ways Handshake Helps Extend Oracle E-Business Suite, we discussed the business reasons why Handshake for Oracle E-Business Suite helps Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) organizations succeed with their favorite ERP! 

In this blog, I want to explain why using this solution, instead of developing your own EBS-APEX integration, makes sense for any organization serious about saving money and making users more efficient. 

Insum started its own Oracle E-Business Suite-APEX Integration years ago

Time flies, as everybody knows. More than 8 years ago, Insum started to help EBS organizations by developing APEX applications that integrated with EBS. Back then, Insum followed the guidance of Rod West from a white paper that became a well-known document for the EBS-APEX community. Over the years, we improved our method and developed our own integration while keeping in the spirit of our initial goal, helping EBS organizations integrate APEX with EBS. This integration solution is what we call Handshake for EBS.

Everyone now recognizes how efficient and mature APEX is in the context of EBS. APEX allows your organization to quickly develop applications that fill gaps in your functional processes and make your users more efficient. There are a lot of different moving parts within this integration. It is the combination of many elements to consider, technical and functional, within the setup of your EBS and the installation of APEX. 

So you’re an Oracle APEX developer. Could you develop your own EBS-APEX integration? You probably could if you dedicate as much time as we have to tests and research. If you are interested in doing it yourself, countless online articles show technical instructions to redirect from EBS to APEX   So, you may be asking yourself, “Is a tool like Handshake for EBS necessary? What are the various elements to consider in such an integration?”  

Be Aware of the Challenges

There are a few challenges to consider when doing this in-house. Here are a few elements Handshake for EBS covers for you: 

1. Integration Security:

Since release 12.2.6, EBS has tightened security related to redirection to external systems to prevent malicious processes from harming your organization’s integrity. Both profile options and whitelisting of JSPs and URL redirects need to be configured properly. Also, on the APEX side, proper authentication is still required! An “open door” authentication scheme is not the solution…

2. Function Security:

Responsibilities defined for users in EBS can have various function authorizations and exclusions within a specific module that need to be recognized. For example, your APEX application needs to make sure a manager is the only responsibility that can approve a purchase order.

3. Data Security:

Multi-Organization Access Control (MOAC) is a powerful configuration that you do not want to hardcode because business requirements are always changing. Providing the right data access for your EBS responsibilities will make your auditors proud and is built into Handshake for EBS!

4. Release Compatibility:

Moving to R12.2.x? Upgrading to another APEX release? Upgrading that Oracle E-Business Suite database? Handshake knows how to handle the changes between releases. Having one less thing to worry about gives you more time to install these numerousOracle E-Business Suite patches! (Just kidding, sort of…)

5. Technology independence:

APEX is a feature of the database. Handshake is made with APEX. So having these yearly patches installed in EBS will not impact Handshake for EBS or APEX. The upgrade cycle of EBS and APEX is completely independent, and there is no additional hardware to install. That is likely why over the years we have seen so much traction for APEX from the EBS organizations.

Your first Oracle E-Business Suite-APEX Instance in 10 minutes!

Once Handshake for Oracle E-Business Suite is installed, you can develop your first EBS-APEX instance in 10 minutes!  It will even look like an OAF page…. Moreover, your APEX development will play nicely with your existing development lifecycle structure.  And when you move to Fusion Cloud Application, APEX and Handshake will still be there! 

In summary: 

  1. Handshake for Oracle E-Business Suite covers both a secure redirect from EBS by using a one-time password token (OTP) and APEX session creation based on a valid EBS user session. 
  2. EBS function exclusion from responsibility can be applied just like in standard EBS.
  3. MOAC data access is recognized and displays only the data you need to see. 
  4. Regardless of your EBS and APEX release, Handshake will be the bridge between your applications. 
  5. Your EBS development backlog will no longer be an excuse to not develop custom applications and get away from Excel spreadsheets 🙂 
  6. Before building redirections from EBS to APEX, you owe it to yourself to look into Handshake for Oracle E-Business Suite. I can assure you it will be worth your while!  

Learn more about Handshake for Oracle E-Business Suite! 

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