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After a two-year Covid-19-imposed hiatus, we’re so excited to be back at Kscope22, in the flesh!

Yes, our community excels at keeping in touch through countless virtual events and on social, but we gotta say, there will be nothing quite like seeing some of you in person in Grapevine, Texas from June 19 to 23, 2022.

Last week, ODTUG shared the love on Valentine’s Day and notified speakers of accepted abstracts. We’re looking forward to coming to Texas with five speakers and eight presentations on a wide variety of Oracle APEX and Cloud topics.

We’re also proud to be Oracle APEX Track Sponsors again this year.

For a preview of what we’ll be sharing and why we chose our topics, read on.

Things we love about Oracle APEX Plamen Mushkov

Plamen Mushkov

Senior APEX Consultant, Insum

Making a Great App Even Better with APEX 21.2

June 21 02:30 PM CDT – Room Texas C

Our APEX Fitness Challenge app, built in no time, helps our employees stay active and healthy by motivating them to participate in a friendly challenge. We’ll cover some of the features we’ve incorporated, including SSO Authentication, 3rd party fitness apps API integrations, custom SVG charts, mobile optimizations, automations, and more, that we believe should be part of any modern APEX application.

In addition, learn how we utilized some of the APEX 21.2 new features to then make it even better! You will see how we take advantage of the PWA, Smart Filters, New Element Positioning system, Modal Dialog Drawers, Alerts, Maps, and more, to make for an even better experience.

Why this topic?

Apart from APEX, my other big passion is sports. I’ve been a professional football player, plus, I run and play football and tennis regularly. So, this was my way of combining these two passions. 


Anton Nielsen

VP Consulting Services, Insum

Oracle ACE

5 Multilingual APEX Tips in 60 Minutes

June 20 04:15 PM CDT – Room Texas 2

APEX provides many great features for multilingual application development–but as APEX developers, we still need to give some thought to the right way to approach it. This session will cover setting and getting the session language, creating a view on top of the APEX static LOVs to access translation data, implementing translations for components that don’t offer it natively (e.g. cards regions), allowing end-users to provide translations, when and how to use dynamic translations vs apex_lang.messag

5 APEX features that should exist but don’t–and how to make them yourself!

June 20 01:00 PM CDT – Room Texas 1

This session will cover five features that should already exist–but don’t. We’ll show how to create them–and even provide some plug-ins so you don’t have to.
1. Setting Time Zones — the way APEX should but doesn’t
2. “Display only item based upon LOV” in region types that don’t support this
3. Oracle Text and Adding Relevance to Popup LOVs
4. Multi-value items from detail or intersection tables
5. Mystery bonus feature

Why these topics?

The backstory on “5 Multilingual APEX Tips” is that my first real multilingual application, beyond just playing with the feature, was with our rapid response team to address the PPE shortage. As part of that effort, we had volunteers from Insum doing the translations. I realized that developer choices influence the ease with which the application can be translated. For “5 APEX features that should exist but don’t” I chose this subject in hopes of prodding the APEX team into building them into the product 🙂


Haniel Burton

Senior APEX  Consultant, Insum

4 Tools to Crush Your ORDS API Development

June 20 11:00 AM CDT – Room Dallas 5

This session is aimed at all levels of expertise with Oracle REST Data Services. While some tools, such as SQL Developer, have been around for a long time, there are new tools like Database Actions and a re-designed APEX RESTful Services interface that provide unique advantages over others that everyone should know about.
A couple of examples of differences we’ll discuss:
In both APEX RESTful Services and Database Actions, you can generate a Swagger Doc to document all your APIs, but this is not available in SQL Developer or the ORDS PL/SQL packages.
APEX RESTful Services combines all the properties of a REST Handler in a single page view, including the Source definition and Parameters. Also, the UI includes helpful tips with examples directly on the page, so you can review ORDS documentation without ever leaving APEX. In SQL Developer, the Source and Parameters sections are defined in different tabs, and there is no inline help available. However, you can directly run the Handler Source code, which can make development easier as you modify and tweak your query.

I will show a brief overview of the main features and capabilities of each tool and step through the differences in each one as we progress through building an ORDS REST API, from assigning roles and privileges, to defining modules and handlers.

Don’t Lose Your Way! Navigating APEX Address Validation

June 22 02:00 PM CDT –  Room Texas 1

Geocoding and Address Normalization are two very common requirements in any web application that allows users to input or interact with spatial data. The latest APEX 21.2 release introduced a new Geocoding Page Item that will geocode or normalize a user inputted address, but it has both advantages and limitations over third-party services. I will share my experience in using different options for real-world apps and provide solutions to challenges other developers might face implementing them. I will explain the basics of interacting with REST APIs and dive into the challenges of parsing XML or JSON responses from the different APIs.
We will also review must-know licensing and pricing requirements for each option. The range of APEX and Oracle Database features to be covered include Geocoding page item, REST Data Sources, Dynamic Actions, Partial Page Refresh, Classic Report Content Row Template, JSON, and XML parsing with Oracle SQL functions, pipelined table functions. A demo app will be provided with fully working examples and detailed explanations.

Why these topics?

The main reason I picked these topics is that I frequently get questions about them from beginners, or they are common challenges that I’ve spent a lot of time researching and wanted to share.


Adrian Png

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Insum

Oracle ACE

Build Intelligent APEX Applications Now!

June 21 11:45 AM CDT – Room Texas 1

The amazing advancements in high-performance computing and wide availability of Machine Learning (ML) frameworks and tools have made it easier for software developers to build intelligence into their Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications. Through this session, learn the basics, understand the processes, and know the tools that can help you transform traditional web applications, making them smarter and improving the user experience. We will examine features provided by both the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its competitors, to train and operationalize ML models, and then use them in APEX applications.

Packing Your Bags for a Journey to the Metaverse

June 21 09:00 AM CDT – Room San Antonio 1

When Facebook renamed itself to Meta, it brought virtual reality (VR) back into the spotlight. Could extended reality (XR) find its place beyond games and gimmicks? In this session, we will examine the current state of Metaverse technologies and what we need to know to prepare ourselves for a “whole new world”.

Why these topics?

As a member of Insum’s innovation team, it is important to stay abreast of emerging technologies, and whenever possible, to share that knowledge. Both the sessions that I will be presenting involve ground-breaking technologies. One is on the AI/Machine Learning and how they can be integrated in APEX applications, and the other on Metaverse and its impact on us, developers.


We hope this preview of what we’ll be sharing at ODTUG Kscope22 helps you consider attending.  It would be great to meet up with you June 19 to 23!

Have a question or comment that can’t wait till then? Don’t be shy, drop us a note below, or contact us now.


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